“Cutting Edge” Changes To Tiffany Spratt’s Class


Carson Thurman, Author

The advanced computer class taught by Tiffany Spratt has shifted its focus from learning software such as Microsoft Office to now teaching students the basics of an office job, as well as how to operate the school’s brand new 3-D laser cutter.


“I like the changes,” Spratt said. “Well, change is hard, but I’m excited for what y’all will get to do.” This new class, Office Administration, has replaced Advanced Computer Tech and gotten rid of the Microsoft Office certification it previously offered. 


“As the business world changes, we have to change with it,” Spratt said “Students are now learning how to do things such as replace printer ink, operate a laminator, and use the copy machine.” 


Another big part of the class is the new laser cutter, also called a Glowforge. Students have been tasked with brainstorming ideas for things they could use it for, like the many little wooden CH logos that Spratt already has. 


“We’re planning to work with the art department and a few other people,” Spratt said. 


The Glowforge is set up in the business office, and will be open for use by students in the Office Administration class.