Get to Know New Teachers at Central: Mr. Petersen


Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

Since it is Glenn Petersen’s first year as a teacher at Central Hardin, we wanted to give students a chance to learn more about him and his background.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend high school?

PETERSEN: I went to Elizabethtown High School.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend College? 

PETERSEN: I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University, and I got my master’s degree in teaching from the University of the Cumberlands.

CENTRAL TIMES: What prompted you to become a teacher?

PETERSEN: Honestly, when I first thought about becoming a teacher, I wanted to be on the same schedule as my wife and I wanted to coach basketball…If I’m just being perfectly honest.

CENTRAL TIMES: How long have you been teaching?

PETERSEN: This is my seventh year.

CENTRAL TIMES: Did you teach at any other school(s) before coming to Central, if so where?

PETERSEN: I taught at T.K. Stone Middle School (Talton K. Stone Middle School), and then I taught at Bellevue Education Center, an alternative school.

CENTRAL TIMES: What brought you to Central?

PETERSEN: I’ve been friends with CoJo for a long time. And we’ve always talked about coaching together and so, the timing was right for me to try and make the move.

CENTRAL TIMES: How has your experience at Central Hardin been so far?

PETERSEN: I love it here, I really do.

CENTRAL TIMES: What class/classes do you teach?

PETERSEN: I mainly teach algebra two

CENTRAL TIMES: Is there a reason that you chose the subject that you teach?

PETERSEN: Well, I didn’t choose it, but math has always been one of my strengths. I think that’s the reason for me being placed as an algebra two teacher.

CENTRAL TIMES: What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

PETERSEN: I love the interaction with kids, especially high school kids. I used to teach middle school and I thought that I liked that age until I got around high school kids. I was like, what was I thinking? I really like high school kids.

CENTRAL TIMES: Have you ever done anything other than teaching? 

PETERSEN: I worked for Dukes Sporting Goods for about 10 years and I also sold insurance, I did like working in sporting goods, but I did not like selling insurance.

CENTRAL TIMES: How do you spend your free time outside of school? 

PETERSEN: My son is involved in sports, so that takes up a lot of my time. Away from (the school day) of course coaching basketball. That takes a lot of time, especially this time of year.