raiseRed a Success for Central

Group Plans an Encore for Next Year

The amount of $9,613.51 is revealed in the last few minutes of the marathon.

Damian Walk, Staff Writer

It’s been over a month since all the buzz about the raiseRED event on Sept. 20 that raised over $9,600 for pediatric cancer research, but it’s been hard for the organizers and students involved to forget.

“I thought it was very successful because we had a lot more students come out than expected, and we raised a lot more money than we thought we would,” event organizer Isabelle Hobbs, a senior, said.

120 students had signed up before the end of the first deadline. 26 students had signed up before the end of the second deadline. That brought the known student attendance to 146 students in total.

“I was shocked (at the outcome),” event sponsor Angela Cannon said, “and was also wishing I had $400 in my pocket to reach the $10,000 mark.”

Senior Claire Thomas, who participated at the event, felt good about giving money to a good cause.

“It made me feel like I made a difference, since I knew people personally affected,” Thomas said.

Junior Upon being asked about how successful raiseRed was Krystina Carpenter also participated.

“We raised more than I thought we would and was surprised no one sat down halfway through,” she said.

But raising money wasn’t the only thing going on at raiseRed. The eight-hour marathon was organized by themes such as Just Dance!, Zumba, Disney, Decades, and more. In addition, games such as nine-square and gaga ball were set up, and pizza was served about halfway through the day. 

To make sure that the participants were reminded of the cause, the event had speakers present their experiences with cancer. Freshman Eli Thompson was one of those speakers having had an experience with cancer. 

“I just wanted to share my story so people could understand the process of being diagnosed,” Thompson said.

Thompson said events such as this can give cancer patients a boost of motivation.

Sophomore Abby Zaring said she enjoyed the event.

“I really enjoyed the dances and listening to the stories from the speakers who went through cancer or were just eecently diagnosed,” Zaring said.

The committee is already starting to plan for an event next year. 

“There are kids requesting to be on the committee next year and I feel like it will only grow more successful,” Hobbs said.

Cannon is also on board.

“The core team has already decided to do another event next year and I would be honored to sponsor it again,” Cannon said.

Asked whether or not she would attend another raiseRed event, Zaring said,

“Definitely, it actually was a good time.”