Get to Know New Teachers at Central: Mr. Cruse


Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

It is Chase Cruse’s first year teaching here at Central Hardin, so we would like to give students a bit of insight as to who he is as a teacher, coach, and father.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend high school?

CRUSE: I attended Central Hardin High School.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend College? 

CRUSE: The University of Louisville.

CENTRAL TIMES: What prompted you to become a teacher?

CRUSE: I had numerous family members who were teachers, so I decided to follow them.

CENTRAL TIMES: How long have you been teaching?

CRUSE: This is my 6th year of teaching.

CENTRAL TIMES: Did you teach at any other school(s) before coming to Central, if so where?

CRUSE: I taught at Hart County High School for the last 5 years.

CENTRAL TIMES: What brought you to Central?

CRUSE: I wanted to be back in Hardin County schools and I wanted to be a part of the baseball program here.

CENTRAL TIMES: How has your experience at Central Hardin been so far?

CRUSE: My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

CENTRAL TIMES: What class/classes do you teach? Have you always taught that or have you taught other classes too?

CRUSE: I teach Business Management and Digital Literacy.

CENTRAL TIMES: Is there a reason that you chose the subject that you teach?

CRUSE: I spent the first 10 years, after college, working in various businesses, and I enjoy teaching what I learned.

CENTRAL TIMES: What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

CRUSE: Watching kids succeed after high school.

CENTRAL TIMES: Have you ever done anything other than teaching? 

CRUSE: I have worked in casinos, trucking, wind turbines, farming, and bourbon.

CENTRAL TIMES: How do you spend your free time outside of school? 

CRUSE: I spend my time with my wife and two kids.  I also love to golf and to go to Louisville games.