Get To Know Teachers At Central: Mrs. Harlan

Alexis Smith, Writer

Since it is Mrs. Harlan’s first year teaching at Central Hardin, we would like to give students a bit of insight into her hobbies, what she teaches, and what she did before joining our staff.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend high school? 

HARLAN: Clinton County High.

CENTRAL TIMES: Where did you attend College?

HARLAN: University of Kentucky.

CENTRAL TIMES: What gave you the idea to become a teacher? 

HARLAN: My mom was a teacher, so I kind of followed in her path.

CENTRAL TIMES: How long have you been teaching? 

HARLAN: This is my second year.

CENTRAL TIMES: Did you teach at any other school(s)? If so, where? 

HARLAN: I taught at Wayne County High School for one year.

CENTRAL TIMES: What brought you to Central Hardin? 

HARLAN: I recently moved.

CENTRAL TIMES: How has your experience at Central been so far? 

HARLAN: It’s been good. I like the school and enjoy teaching my students.

CENTRAL TIMES: What class/classes do you teach? Have you always taught that subject? Have you always taught that subject? 

HARLAN: I currently teach Algebra 2. I have taught other classes such as Algebra 1, Geometry, Money Skills, Algebra 3, and College Prep.

CENTRAL TIMES: Is there a reason that you chose to teach that subject? 

HARLAN: I chose math because I always enjoyed my math classes while in school.

CENTRAL TIMES: What is your favorite part about being a teacher? 

HARLAN: Building relationships with students. I want my students to feel welcome and able to ask me any questions during class.

CENTRAL TIMES: Have you ever had any other career than teaching, if so, what were they? 

HARLAN: I worked as a pharmacy technician for a few months.

CENTRAL TIMES: How do you spend your free time outside of school? 

HARLAN: I like to spend time with friends and family. I also enjoy being alone sometimes while doing nothing so I can relax.