Gone Fishin’

Bass Fishing Now a Sport at Central Hardin

Shelby Logsdon, Writer

You might have heard about the students here at Central Hardin that have been competing in bass fishing tournaments for a few years now, but the sport is now officially a recognized sport at Central Hardin. 

The Bass Fishing Team was previously a club for three years prior to becoming acknowledged as a sport. This school year is the first year the team has been considered a sport at Central and the team has sixteen members this year from all different grades. 

Many members of this year’s team are excited that Bass Fishing is finally recognized as a sport at Central and they think that it has a lot of potential to become something bigger that people are more familiar with. 

“I’m happy they are finally recognizing it because it’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports,” said senior Kyle Wilmoth. 

Senior Brock Burton has competitively fished for two years now.

 “The guys that do it deserve it, Burton said. They put in hours and days of time figuring a lake out before a tournament and I feel like if we recognize it more it could open up opportunities for everyone that fishes.” 

Andy Perry is the coach of the Bass Fishing Team. He said one of the reasons he wanted to coach was because his son, Zach Perry, a 2021 graduate, was a member of a different bass team in Hardin County and had asked him to talk with principal Tim Isaacs about bringing the sport to Central Hardin. He also added, “I will also have credit for my love for the sport” as another reason for wanting to coach the team.

Members of the team, of course, also credit their love for the sport for the reason they wanted to be a part of the team here at Central Hardin. 

“I love being outside and on the lake, and have always loved fishing,” said senior Brandon South. 

Bass Fishing is basically a year round sport and they compete in tournaments almost all year in different tournaments called Five Fish Tournaments, where those competing go out on the lake fishing for eight hours trying to catch the biggest bass. 

In the eight hours out on the lake the anglers try to catch five bass and once they catch five they then continue to fish to try to replace any of their small fish with bigger ones in order to have the five biggest fish of the tournament. At the end of the eight hours, each team’s fish are weighed to see who placed where out of everyone competing. 

The team has had many anglers place in the top five and top ten in the two tournaments they have competed in this year. 

Burton said the best he and his partner have done in a tournament is when they placed second in a tournament and lost by 0.37 pounds. 

This season the team plans to compete in the KHSAA Regional Tournament at Lake Cumberland in April and the KHSAA State Tournament at Kentucky Lake for qualifying anglers in May.

The members of the team have had a good season so far and have made some good memories with their partners while out fishing. 

“One of my favorite moments from this season so far would be when I had to endure the cold and windy conditions at Lake Cumberland to tie for 3rd place,” said Wilmoth. 

South said his “favorite moment was doubling up on a 3lb. bass with my partner.”  

Coach Perry’s goal for the Bass Fishing team for the future is for the team to continue to grow and to bring the sport to CHHS. 

“Winning the Regions and State would be OK too.” Perry added. 

If you are interested in joining the Bass Fishing Team at Central Hardin you can contact Coach Perry by email at [email protected] or Ashley Perry in the office as well.