Poetry Fridays


Preslee Decker, Alayna Edblom, and Parker Lally

Welcome to the newest addition to our Central Times website! We have teamed up to bring you poetry every single Friday. We hope you enjoy our “poetry Fridays” and we hope you guys tune in with your own poems that we can publish! We would also love artwork to accompany our poems, so if you have any artwork that you think matches our weekly theme, please send it to [email protected]!

February 24

Poem Theme: Writer’s Choice

Free Fall

By: Alayna Edblom

I wonder what it would feel like to let go,

To untie the noose around my wrist,

Let my feet tilt back off the edge,

How cold would the wind be,

When it strikes my back?

Would my head dive first,

Or would my body soar?

Am I a feather, a cloud, or a star?

Oh how I ponder on these dreams,

Just to keep me grounded.

One day I’ll take the leap.

I’ll shake the Devil’s hand,

And greet God at the Sun.

I’ll leave it all behind,

Just to free fall.



By: Parker Lally

That one text made me throw up 



You knew you messed up 

You told me I deserved better 

As if I needed you to tell me the obvious 

Sure it hurt 

My heart broke a little bit 

But suddenly I laughed 

I laughed so hard 

Because I gave my whole world to you 

For over a year

And this is the way you repay me 

For a girl you will never see in person 

You threw it all away 

But you’re right 

I don’t deserve this 

And you don’t deserve my love 

Now you beg for forgiveness 

As if sorry means anything 

When trust is broken 

Now I will give my love to someone else 

Someone who deserves it 

Someone who will appreciate 

That person is myself. 

Beware of me.



By: Preslee Decker

Don’t leave me alone,

Smother me with words.

Tell me all about your day,

Every inch of your colorful life.

What’s your favorite color,

What is your greatest fear?

Do you have any pets,

Do you believe in God?

Tell me all the little things

About you

Even if they seem minuscule.

What’s your secret talent,

How many bones have you broken?

Where’s your favorite place to go when you’re hurting?

When is your birthday?

Just don’t abandon me to my own devices

And my drowning mind.

I can’t be trusted in solitude

Or I’ll lose myself in the thought

Of losing you.

Remind me of your presence

So I don’t lose my own.


Don’t go.


February 17 

Poem Theme: Guilt 

To My Mother 

By: Parker Lally 

Mom I’m sorry 

For the way I said that to you 

Mom I’m sorry 

For not taking no for an answer 

Mom I’m sorry 

For not obeying your rules 

Mom I’m sorry 

For losing your trust 

Mom I’m sorry 

For lying to you 

Mom I’m sorry 

For keeping secrets 

Mom I’m sorry 

For taking you for granted 

Mom I’m sorry 

For disappointing you 

Mom I’m sorry 

For breaking your heart 


I’m sorry 

I let you down.


I’m Sorry 

By: Alayna Edblom 

You know what kills me every night?

Is how much I’ve made you laugh,

But also made you cry.

Is that when I lose myself,

I see tears stream down your cheeks,

But your words stay shielded behind your teeth.

Is that when I say “I love you”,

I regret everything I’ve done to you.

Is that when I say “I’m sorry”,

You won’t forgive me this time.

Is that I wish I could take all the pain I’ve caused,

And swallow it, digest it, let it twist my stomach.

I want to be better for you,

I don’t want to see you cry,

I want you to stay here with me,

Please don’t say goodbye…



By: Preslee Decker 

I hurt the world unintentionally;

I don’t recycle,

My angry words slip out to the wrong people,

I don’t stand up for myself sometimes.

I’m a pushover.

People don’t believe I can be mad.

I’m supposed to be the girl

That helps everyone by giving them what they want.

This guilt piles in my head

Like I should have done something.

I should have told them I wasn’t ok with it.

I should have stopped them in their tracks

And made them do it themselves.
I should get frustrated when bad things happen

Not stand to the side

And watch the world burn in silence.

Maybe I’m not strong enough.

Maybe I’m not angry enough.

Maybe people need to see that someone cares.
I refuse to carry this guilt any longer.

Let the guilt transform into 


And finally change something for the betterment

Of you

And the world. 


February 10

Poem Theme: Valentine’s Day

February 7th

By: Parker Lally

I love you always, 

Not just for this day 

I love you for everything you do,

It’s more than I could ever say 

I could buy you a box of chocolates 

Even a teddy bear 

A card could be thoughtful 

But these words I speak are most true 

I met you a week before valentine’s day 

I knew I liked you but I wasn’t able to be your valentine,


Now a year later I’m still holding on to you 

On this holiday that is themed around love. 

It is more special now than ever 

Now that you have my heart and I have yours.


Valentine’s Day

By: Alayna Edblom

A favorite to some, but not to others,

A day designated to darling lovers,

Strawberry kisses taste so sweet,

Pink and red heart patterns repeat,

Gift chocolate and flowers to every door,

Couples on dates are evermore,

Love songs echo through the air,

Everyone shows that they truly care,

For a special person in their heart,

It only takes one move for romance to start,

So smile and spread joy to all,

It’s Cupid’s favorite day, after all


The Things I Have

By: Preslee Decker

I may not have a movie-worthy love story

But there are so many other things to love

Despite what your relationship situation is

When Valentine’s Day rolls around.

I love drinking coffee in the mornings 

To give me abounding amounts of energy.

I love hugs 

Because they make me feel comforted.

I love flowers because 

They brighten the room even when it feels dim.

I love seeing my best friends

In the mornings because

They make my day one hundred times better than before.

I love kids

Because they make me smile despite their 

Sometimes outlandish behavior. 

I love to read books and more books

Because they help me escape

From the often dreary world 

We live in. 

And even if I don’t have everything I want in my life yet,

I can continue to love and find comfort in the things I do have.


February 3

Poem Theme: Setting Free

Now Go

By: Parker Lally

There is nothing to hold anymore 

I am done fighting 

You can win the war

I am done putting my pain into writing 

I have to walk away 

You have barely kept me 

Given me no reason to stay 

I’m done thinking about who you should be 

You have your demons 

But you don’t help me fight mine 

All I feel now is beaten 

I pray I was at least your favorite crime 

I tried to be enough 

But what is good enough for you?

How could this be more rough 

Were you ever true? 

I will make it easy 

I won’t hold you back from what you deserve 

All of this has made me see 

This love is something we can no longer preserve



By: Preslee Decker

You hold your ground

Exhausted and practically unstable.

Your heart hurts from the constant love

You give it away for free.

You get bombarded by other people’s issues


You love that they’re telling you what’s wrong;

That’s not the problem.

You’re just tired.

You have problems too. 

No one notices under the careless persona you carry

On your shoulders.

You plant your feet deeper in the ground

Just to remind you of your duty;

Serve others, give advice as best as you can,

And listen to other people’s problems,

But ignore your own.

But it’s ok to rest now.

Your post has been relieved

Take some time to yourself. 

Navigate your own issues.

Love yourself first.

Heal in the off season.


January 20

Poem Theme: Self-Image


By: Parker Lally

The reflection looking back at me 

Who even is that? 

My hair is messy, 

I have breakouts all over my face,

The dark circles under my eyes are all I can see.

My stomach is bloated,

I think I gained a pound or two.

I step away from the mirror 

Onto the scale 

The number on that little screen suddenly defines me 

I step back in front of the mirror 

Stare into my own soul 

Pick apart every flaw 

As if I am my own enemy 

I feel tears in my eyes 

It’s almost as if I can’t stand to look at myself 

I grab my stomach 

My thighs 

Why don’t I have an hourglass shape? 

I start looking for diets 

For workouts 

Should I even eat? 

This world is so cruel 

There is no need to critique yourself so harshly 

Don’t look in the mirror, don’t believe what you think you see 

You are beautiful, unique, your flaws are what make you 

Don’t let them break you.


“This oil painting of my stomach represents what it feels like to look at yourself in the mirror every day and rip apart the way you look. I created this piece of art to not only release my consuming thoughts but to also turn myself into art so hopefully, I would view myself differently. So many people feel the same way when they look at themselves and my best piece of advice is to throw that mirror away. I did it and it changed my life.” – Senior Kayleigh Spratt (Courtesy of Kayleigh Spratt)

Too Many Flaws

By: Alayna Edblom

I stare at the person in front of me.

I analyze them, pick them apart.

Their skin is too pale, littered with blemishes.

Their face is too square.

Their eyes are too squinty.

Their nose is too big.

Their lips are too crooked.

Their collarbone sticks out too much.

Their shoulders are too broad.

Their arms are too long.

Their ribcage is too wide.

They’re too big-boned.

I stare at the person in front of me.

And I cry.

There are too many flaws.

The mirror holds too many flaws.


New Perspectives

By: Preslee Decker

As a kid

I would cry when a dress wouldn’t fit me.

The tears would flow like streams

Because I thought I wasn’t small enough to wear

The cute dresses.

Only pep talks from my mom cheered up

My tiny broken heart.

In middle school

I was ashamed to smile.

My teeth grew in too high

And I thought I looked like a vampire.

But not the cool ones.

My eyes crinkled so much when I grinned

That I looked like I was squinting 

From the effort at staring at the sun.

I was a loud child

But through the noise

I was a conscious girl 

Embarrassed by her body and smile.

But as I grew,

I learned that not everything is meant for you.

Not every dress will fit you

And that’s okay.

You’re enough no matter the size.

I learned that your smile is who you are.
You shouldn’t have to be ashamed of how you 

Show your happiness.

I grew to love how my body

Was made

And started dressing like I loved myself.

I hope everyone can learn to love themselves

Because every human being is enough for this world. 


January 13

Poem Theme: Dreams

A Beautiful Dream

By: Alayna Edblom

I have a dream…

That someday, I’ll fall in love,

And it will be beautiful.

It will be a movie remarkably made,

It will be a book with worn pages, 

It will be a song hummed faintly,

It will be a dance in the rain,

It will be a gentle snowfall,

It will be a passing cloud,

It will be a flower in bloom,

It will be a wind that sways the soul,

What a beautiful dream,

To fall in love…

What a beautiful dream it will be,

If it happens to me…


I Dream, I Dream, I Dream

By: Parker Lally

I have a dream 

This dream seems out of reach 

But I stretch my hands out hoping

It will happen someday.

I dream of happiness 

Sweet and pure 

Not only for myself, but for all those I love. 

I dream of peace and protection 

I dream of safety 

I dream, I dream, I dream. 

I have a dream of success 

I dream this for you 

I dream this for myself 

I dream of self-love 

Being happy with what’s looking back at me in the mirror.

I dream of self-validation 

Not needing anyone else’s.

I dream, I dream, I dream.


The Ability to Dream

By: Preslee Decker

“I have a dream”

That occurs every night

That I am living in a house on a hill

With a cozy library that lulls me to a state of relaxation.

I own a thick-haired dog

And the world seems so sweet.

I’m only fifteen,

But my dreams are for adults.

I’m in the middle of wanting to live forever in my teenage years,

But yearning for a life that revolves around kids and a classroom. 

“I have a dream”

That I’ll explore the nooks and crannies of the world

And visit places I’ve always imagined I belonged.

Glistening waters and retro stores

Stay in the back of my mind,

Hoping for a chance to run free.

I see myself care-free

Running around with a pair of funky sunglasses

And a grin permanently glued on my face. 

“I have a dream”

That whatever does happen in the end,

I’ll be happy in my endeavors.


January 6

Poem Theme: New Year

What A Year It Has Been

By: Alayna Edblom 

Champagne-filled glasses in every palm,

Glittered accessories decorating faces,

Everyone’s lips form a smile,

Recounting old memories,

Laughing at silly pictures,

Nostalgia for the past years,

Excitement for the ones to come,

The clock is ticking down,

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…

Voices join in on the countdown,

Five, four, three, two, one…

Midnight strikes,

Cheering breaks through the air,

Kisses are shared,

Happiness floods the room,

What a year it has been…


New Year New Me

By: Parker Lally

Leaving the past in 2022 

The toxicity 

The pain 

The stress

The anger 

The drama 

The pettiness…

Starting the new year with hope 

Supportive friends 

Amazing family 

Schedule to reduce stress 

Working out 


Giving my all at practice…

When the ball dropped at midnight 

Nobody knew quite the magnitude of what I was leaving behind 

Goodbye 2022 

I learned a lot from you 

So much so 

That my resolutions for this year will come true


Unnoticed Change

By: Preslee Decker

The room is crowded

With the bustling of rowdy teens

And tipsy adults

Eagerly waiting for the time to hit


You’re suffocated by the scent of

Liquor and melting candles sitting in the corner.

The countdown begins and all you feel is

Anticipation and hope.

The clock hits 12 

And the mob explodes in cheers

And turns to their lovers

For the traditional kiss.

Even though I don’t have the same ideals,

I stand there with futuristic dreams

And start planning what I want to change then and there.

But once that adrenaline comes to end,

Nothing feels different.

The beginning of the new year

Isn’t noticeable at all to me.

But what I do know is that if I want to make a change,

This is a golden opportunity to do so.

So I start loving more,

Dreaming bigger,

And spreading kindness in greater measure.


December 16

Poem Theme: Christmas

It’s Christmas, Dear

By: Alayna Edblom

Ugly sweaters and Santa hats,

Cold weather and Christmas rats,

It’s the best time of the year for sure,

And soon Santa will come through the door,

To give gifts to children he adores.

A smile is plastered on every face,

Mistletoe is hung from a shoelace.

Steal a kiss from the one you love,

There can’t be just one turtledove.

Families gather for a big feast,

Children ponder what to eat.

Presents sit politely under the tree,

How they are so ever taunting.

It’s the time of year that is full of cheer,

So liven up, it’s Christmas, dear!


The Season of Love and Joy

By: Preslee Decker

The holiday season brings  so much joy

To all ages of society.

Kids getting to tell sit on Santa Claus’ lap

Proclaiming their deep desires for Christmas morning. 

Their parents work hard to make their dreams come true

By the 25th.

Christmas parties with your closest friends

Over cups of hot cocoa

And enjoying the laughs you partake in together.

So much love is spread

During this time of year.

Christmas in the Park car rides

With a peppermint mocha in hand

Waiting to see the snowman that lights up

And flashes along with the music.

The bitter weather follows your every path

Whether snow flurries or brisk winds.

You have to cling to your fur-hooded coat

So you don’t freeze to death.

Your arms are packed with candy cane-wrapped presents

And warm foods for the potluck inside. 

Mistletoe and garland hang all around the house

And the smell of sugar cookies lingers in the air

From the kitchen. 

The giving season never fails to deliver love and joy.


Christmas As A Teen

By: Parker Lally

How is it already here? 

I haven’t even bought gifts. 

Christmas is here,

 But I don’t feel the cheer. 

I don’t feel the buzz 

The feeling where you can’t sleep 

Too excited to see what Santa has brung 

But it’s already here, and I can sleep just fine 

Sure I will have some cocoa 

Maybe a candy cane or 2 

But I won’t be waiting under the mistletoe 

I won’t be singing along to the songs 

I won’t even be waking up my mom early on Christmas day 

So Merry Christmas, 

I hope yours is holly and jolly 

I will be reminiscing on the Christmases I had as a child 

Back when I was happy and wild


December 9 

Poem Theme: School Spirit 

Living the Full Experience 

By: Preslee Decker 

As a high school student

Game days are the staple of spirit.

Ribbons are strung

And good lucks are thrown around

From player to player.

No matter the sport

The white blue and yellow

Is there to support.

Win or lose

We cheer the loudest our voices can reach

And continue to rep the school we attend.

Through the losses

We still climb to the top of the ranks.

We strive to defeat the enemies 

Of our past alumni

And present our school to the best of our abilities. 

No matter the time of year

Or the gender of the team

We win no matter the cost.

We are the Central Hardin High Bruins.


School Spirit

By: Alayna Edblom 

Laughing echos around the halls,

Painted posters decorate the walls.

Students smile as they walk,

Teachers wave to them while they talk.

Splashes of blue, yellow, and white,

Everyone’s excited for tonight.

The big game is finally here,

Yelling and cheering fill our ears.

So let’s make sure the world can hear it,

That Central is full of school spirit!


We are Central

By: Parker Lally 

Columbia blue 

Bright yellow 

A little bit of white 

Central Hardin game night 

There is nothing quite like our student section 

The loudest group of kids you have ever heard 

Singing every word to the fight song 

If you think you can beat us you are plain absurd 

The halls are decorated the week before the big game 

When the boys walk onto the court we treat them like they have fame 

The spirit stick stands tall in front of the bleachers 

All students participate in the theme 

Matching neon colors 

Go bruins 

Go bruins 

Go bruins 

We won’t let Etown get to us


December 2

Poem Theme: Betrayal


By: Alayna Edblom

I love your voice,

Your eyes and your face

I love your smile,

Your clothes and your tastes

You told me you loved me,

You told me you’d wait,

You told me what I needed to hear,

Just for me to take the bait,

Did you get what you wanted?

Did my skin taste bittersweet?

Cause I’ll forever be haunted,

Was it all lies, darling?


You Both Betrayed Me

By: Parker Lally

We weren’t together, but you acted like we were;

Well that was until 

You wanted to be with her.

I kept all your secrets, 

The ones you told me that one night; 

That night I asked you if I could keep you.

You promised me the world 

Then you gave it to her. 

That’s not even the worst of my concerns. 

I was broken because of you, 

Weaker than I have ever been. 

But she was there, 

My saving grace 

When I was crying she looked me straight in the face. 

She held me, 

She lied to me, 

She promised me.

That she would never want you. 

The love I had for you thankfully turned to hate. 

I saw you move on with your life, 

I stopped taking all of your bait, 

I stopped eating the lies you fed me, 

But her? 

I trusted her. 

You saw me at my best 

Then she saw me at my worst 

And yet, 

You both betrayed me.


You Left

By: Preslee Decker

The spark appeared in early December

But I felt it first.

I had to convince myself you felt it too

So I could have the nerve to meet you with a grin every day.

You said you liked me more than friends after the first month

But I knew we were more than just buddies after the first week.

You asked me out 47 days after we met

And I said yes because I was relieved you felt the same way.

You were the kindest;

The gifts were always exactly what I wanted

And the fingers wrapped in mine gave me the assurance I needed.

You said “I love you”

On a FaceTime call at 1 AM

But I loved you since the day you asked me out.

You left two weeks later

With nothing but an “I lost feelings” text.

You didn’t even have the decency to confront me in person.

I should have known the signs of betrayal the second I knew you;

I liked you first,

I loved you first,

And I’m the only one who loves you now. 


November 18

Poem Theme: Growing Up

I Miss Her

By: Alayna Edblom

Look at her, she’s so precious.

I love the way she sees the world,

With her kind eyes and innocent heart.

She always had a smile plastered on her pink cheeks,

Her freckled nose and sunbleached hair are so adorable.

She’s so full of energy she could fly to the moon,

She would be beautiful dancing among the stars.

I wish I could’ve brought her there.

I wish I could’ve kept her smiling.

I wish I could’ve kept her bright eyes.

I wish I could’ve kept her hair from darkening,

Or her freckles from fading.

I wish I could’ve kept her vibrant.

I wish I could’ve kept her naive.

I wish… I could’ve kept her.

Even though she is still me, I will never be her again.

I miss her.


Growing Up With A Mom Like Mine

By: Parker Lally


You have seen all my firsts 

First laugh 

First tears 

First real food 

First steps 

First fall

All of my firsts shifted so quickly 

First tennis match 

First kiss 

First heartbreak 

First bad report card 

First time being in love 

All of my firsts will turn into lasts 

Growing up is painful, scary too

But growing up is also fun 

Growing up with a mom like you


Time Flies By

By: Preslee Decker

I was born during the frigid start of March

In a year of low-rise jeans and chunky highlights

But now I live in the year of throwback days every day

With cargo pants and Converse. 

Almost 16 years have passed

And so many memories made

But I barely remember those little moments.

Only loved ones will remember my first crawl

Or my first word mumbled.

Only close friends will remember the few moments

I may not have in the corner of my mind

No matter how much I wish I did.

It’s heartbreaking how fast time goes by;

Little fragments of moments scattered in the wind, 

Only blurs of what once was.

I mourn for my parents

Struggling to remember their little girl grow up.

It all happens so fast

And I’m stumbling trying to keep up with the clock ticking

But I’m falling





October 28

Poem Theme: Halloween


By: Parker Lally

Howling wolves

Alarming clown costumes 

Loads of candy 

Lightning strikes in the distance 

Ominous music surrounds you 

Wicked witches on your mind 

Elaborate costumes that make you wonder 

Eerie fog floating through the air 

Noisy kids running around you 


The Scream

By: Preslee Decker

My cowboy hat lays on my head perfectly.

I’m so glad that I planned my costume so far ahead this year;

Last year was a disaster.

One that included hair sticking up in all the wrong places

And looking like every other living girl on this planet.

Now that I think about it, 

Cowboys are pretty common too.

Oh well.

I practically skip out of the house to get in my mom’s

Gleaming new Escalade.

This costume party could win me some major popularity points,

If you know what I mean.

Once I reach for the chrome handle of the door,

I hear a high-pitched scream coming from across the road.

My brain couldn’t fully comprehend the magnitude of what this scream could mean.

It is Halloween overall; maybe it was a squeal of excitement.

It’s hard to tell until I hear the same squeaky cry for help.

The adrenaline pumping through my veins forced me to sprint towards the sound.

I dart towards the oak front door across the street and pound on the door.

No one answers.

That’s weird; they’re always home at this hour.

I hate walking away, but I’m only 16; I don’t think I can do much.

I’m about to pivot towards the direction of my house when I see

Scarlet blood smears on the inside of my innocent neighbor’s window. 

All I think about is running.

And that’s what I do. 

Oh, and I scream while doing it. 


This Is Halloween

By: Alayna Edblom

Sheet covered kids with cut out eyes

Checking candy for an unwanted surprise

Street lamps flicker side by side

While parents follow not far behind

The sound of doorbells ringing nearby

Only enhances their eager appetites

“Trick or Treat!” is the day’s favorite phrase

“I’ll trade you for this bag of Lay’s!”

Spooky costumes around every corner

Only sissies would call this horror

The night is young and full of life

Tomorrow they’ll start putting up Christmas lights

So let’s hangout and share a scream

For tonight is the night of Halloween


October 21

Poem Theme: Jealousy


By: Parker Lally

Her skin is glowing 

She has legs a mile long 

She eats whatever she wants and doesn’t gain weight 

Her hair is blonde and her roots aren’t showing 

She doesn’t have to do anything to her naturally straight hair for it to be flawless 

Her eyelashes are long and thick 

Surrounding her big ocean blue eyes 

Her grades are perfect 

She’s not stressed about that math test next block 

She can start up a conversation with anyone  

Her contagious laugh floats throughout the hallways of this school 

All of the teachers adore her work ethic 

She’s her parents golden child 

Her closet is one I could only dream of having 

She never wears the same thing twice 

One minute she’s the star of the volleyball team 

The next she’s rocking the theme at the football team singing every word of the fight song 

Of course I can’t help but watch her perfect life from afar 

It’s hard not to be jealous of what she has 

But what I’m most jealous of 

Is that you’re watching her too.


I Wish I Was

By: Preslee Decker

I wish I were a guy so I could be carefree.

I wish I were a girl so I could show real emotions.

They do as they please and their parents let them be

They get to cry in public and get sympathy  

While girls are judged for every move they make.

But if a guy cries they’re seen as depressed or we’re really already okay.

The jokes they make don’t affect adults at this point in age,

When they’re in pain they can express their pain without worry 

But if those same words came out of a woman, they’d be bewildered.

But men are constantly using words with caution and don’t get the freedom to say their pain out loud.

I dream of living in a place where our viewpoints are seen

I dream of a world in which I don’t have to be an accountant to have money

And I could stand up for the beliefs that men see as overbearing.

And I didn’t have to be something I’m not to support a family.

This small town forces women to be silent standing in the kitchen.

This small town says I have to get a football scholarship to get out of here.

It’s apparent they don’t believe we’ll make something of ourselves,

It’s apparent they don’t believe we’ll make something of ourselves,

So we tip-toe through the world in silence.

So we tip-toe through the world in silence.

I wish I were a guy just so I could navigate the world freely.

I wish I were a girl just so I could pour out everything I’ve been holding in all my life.



By: Alayna Edblom

I see the way you look at her.

Does she fog your perfect pupils?

I watch you trace her movements.

Do your fingertips tremble from the thought of touching her?

I see you biting the inside of your cheek.

You want to kiss her, don’t you?

I see you smirk at her.

You want her to bat her eyes, right?

Yeah, I see the way you look at her.

But do you see the way I look at you?

With eyes of hurt and a broken heart.

With tear-stained cheeks and a quivering lip.

With memories of you burned into my skin.

With a lingering ring in my ear of your voice.

How could you look at her?

After what you did with me?


October 14

Poem Theme: Fear


By: Parker Lally

Go to school 

Work harder 

Created by Ashley Lowe during the second year of Covid-19, this piece of artwork represents the pain and suffering of people, especially healthcare workers. After almost losing her mother and a close loved on to the virus, this artwork embodies self-expression and the struggles we faced as a country. (Courtesy of Ashley Lowe).

You don’t need a day off

You’re too young to be tired 

Why do you have a missing assignment?

Your grades are dropping 

You need to go to practice 

It’s the only way to get better 

You should have won that match 

You need to do all of your homework 

Why didn’t you workout last night? 

You’re being lazy 

Watch your attitude 

No you can’t hang out with your friends, it’s a school night 

Why don’t you have more friends? 

Smile, you will look prettier that way 

Why are you wearing pj pants? You’re at school 

Fix your hair, do some makeup 

Why are you wearing so much makeup? 

Stop being so hard on yourself 

Everyone’s fears look different 

I’m constantly failing, yet it’s what I’m most scared of 


Welcome Home

By: Alayna Edblom

A shiver runs up my spine

“It’s only the wind”, I say

A branch snaps in the distance

“It’s only an animal”, I say

A person is following nearby

“It’s only a shadow”, I say

The street lights flicker

“It’s an old lamp post”, I say

A dog barks in a neighborhood

“It probably saw a cat”, I say

My hands start to tremble

“It’s just cold outside”, I say

My heart quickens in my chest,

“I’m just anxious”, I say

My eyes scan the sky,

“It’s getting late”, I say

My legs start to shake,

“I’m just tired”, I say

I stare down the empty street,

“I’m almost home”, I say

A familiar shape appears

“I’m so relieved”, I say

My hands dive for my pocket

“I just need to unlock the door”, I say

The doorknob turns without the key

“I must’ve left it unlocked”, I say

The house greets me in black

“Now to turn on the lights”, I say

A hand meets mine in the dark

“Welcome home”, it says

What’s your greatest fear?


The Fear of Missing Out

By: Preslee Decker

High school kick-starts a time in your life

That only happens once and you realize your childhood is slipping away

Like ice melting through the grates of your refrigerator. 

You begin to invite yourself to everything no matter what it is;

School events,

Club opportunities,

Teenage parties thrown in the dark.

Your friends notice you never sleep,

But continue to stay awake from the fear of not living the life you dream of.

You never notice the dark bags under your eyes,

But your teachers do.

They pull you aside and interview you until your lungs burn

With anticipations and the fear builds up until

Your anxiety takes control and practically pushes you out the door

And to the next something.

You don’t realize your rising anxiety

Until you break into a thousand pieces

In the bathroom of a stranger’s house from a party in neon lights.

You fall asleep to the sound of music thumping

And no one to hold you and tell you it’s all going to be okay.

You have a fear of missing out;

Only seen as a fake phobia

But hits you like a train.

Maybe you are just crazy

Or just tired.

But you need help

And no one understands the fear that bothers you until you can’t handle

The voices in your head any longer

And collapse under the pressure of growing up and no longer experiencing

The teenage feeling of freedom and love and hope.


September 23

Poem Theme: The Season of Fall

Fall in This Small Town

By: Parker Lally

The sun sinks turning the sky orange 

Almost as orange as the leaves falling 

It’s impossible to walk through the grass quietly 

The leaves crunch under our feet 

We giggle as the wind kisses our cheeks 

Dancing in the autumn night 

The sky is clear 

The stars are bright 

I love fall in this small town

Spending the chilly mornings in the local coffee shop 

We steal the seats by the window 

Looking out at the fall shoppers 

Scurrying around wearing their favorite sweaters 

The smell of pumpkin spice floats all around us 

At the pumpkin patch we play games with the little kids 

We see who can pick out the bigger pumpkin 

You laugh as I try to haul 3 pumpkins to the car 

We sing Taylor Swift all the way home 

Sipping hot chocolate while carving pumpkins 

Your jack o’lantern face is much better than mine 

Oh how sweet autumn is 

My favorite time of year with you  


It’s That Time of Year

By: Alayna Edblom

The wind threads through my hair,

A friendly reminder to keep warm

The leaves wave to me as they fall,

A greeting from the new season

The air is crisp when I inhale,

My lungs are an ice skating rink

The sky is a nostalgic gray,

Such a beautiful color

The ground feels so cold,

No more walking outside barefoot

The porch is accompanied by pumpkins,

Now all we need is a scarecrow

The dogs play in the leaf piles,

I should join them later

My mother wore her favorite sweater,

Isn’t it sweet how it hugs her?

The house smells of cinnamon and apples,

Finally, it is that time of the year


The Beginning 0f Fall

By: Preslee Decker

Finally the time has come;

The time for starchy foods during

The upcoming holidays.

Fall is the time for wearing your favorite neutral
Corduroys and flannels.

The beginning of drinking hot coffees every morning

And throwing on your comfiest socks to accompany your 

Most stylish pair of boots.

Fall Break gives the relaxation every student needs;

Vacations abroad and no papers due.

The return back to reality forces everyone to remember their hot summers are gone

And the cool winds of autumn weather have returned once more.

Teenagers and young kids anticipate Halloween

With so much excitement it can be scary.

The 31st of October comes fast

And brings costumes of all kinds;

Little Batmans, a group of three as Alvin and the Chipmunks,

And little girls as pretty pink princesses waltz down the streets.

Sticky candy remains throughout the winter because of its abundance;

The parents are reluctant to let them eat the rest of it 

So they can have the opportunity at midnight to sneak a few pieces into their mouths.

The season of thanks settles into the community;

Black Friday sales that line the shelves from the tip-top

To the rock bottom and eager moms run around the crowded stores

Hoping to gain their child’s favorite toy or their husband’s favorite tool. 

Pumpkins decorated with corny phrases

And warm colors coat every inch of your house.

Soon the A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Runs dailly on your TV

And you’re heading to your annual family get-together.

Fall climate brings warm emotions and cozy evenings reading your latest read

On the creaky swing on your rickety front porch.

You learn to cherish this sweater weather,

For the frigid winters creep up on you faster than you think.


September 16

Poem Theme: Love


By: Parker Lally 

Stealing kisses 

“I miss you more”

Pinky promises 

“I love you to my core” 

Hope for the future 

Fear of the past 

Looking deep into your eyes 

Praying this will last 

Making jokes with your dad 

Your little brothers act like they want me to go

Laughing at nothing 

You’re the funniest person I know 

Even your mom notices the look in our eyes 

Nothing can break this bond 

I swear I’ve loved you in every lifetime 

And I’ll love you infinity and beyond 

Hand in hand in the hallways 

Yours fits perfectly into mine 

You tuck my hair behind my ear 

In your arms is where I feel perfectly fine 

We’re so young but I’m ready to say the vows 

Till death do us part 

I love you in sickness and in health 

I’ve adored you since the very start 

Two percent of high school sweethearts end up married 

A statistic I aspire to be a part of with you 

I catch you staring in the rear view mirror 

I’ll never get over that view 

Dancing around like idiots 

My parents roll their eyes 

Promise bracelets 

This love caught me by surprise 

You come to every one of my tennis matches 

I should feel nervous

But seeing your smile makes me confident 

Nothing can disturb us 

Teenage love 

Is it worth it? 

This heartbreak would kill me 

I’m more scared than I’d like to admit



By: Alayna Edblom

Take my hand, love

Feel my fingers hug yours

My fingertips kissing the back of your palm

Can I hold it forever?

Touch my face, love

Feel my cheeks burn red

My head leaning into you

Can I feel this forever?

Kiss my lips, love

Feel my soft skin on yours

My lips pulling into a smile

Can I kiss you forever?

Pull me close, love

Feel my fingers dance on your body

My embrace sheltering you

Can I hold you forever?

Listen to me, love

Feel my mouth tickle your ear

My whispers caressing your thoughts

Can I talk to you forever?

Trust me, love

That this is more than puppy love

For my heart belongs to you

I will love you, forever.


The Teenage Idea of Love 

By: Preslee Decker 

I saw you first in Honors English, the next in Civics class.

I smiled each time, and luckily you did too,

Otherwise I would have died of embarrassment.

You asked if I liked to read, and I knew there was a 

Small chance of love.

We exchanged numbers and late night reading

Became late nights texting you.

Soon we were falling like Newton’s apple experiment.

I came to all of your games with so much enthusiasm

That I thought I would burst.

I wore your jersey number with so much pride

My friends were ashamed. 

Sharing secrets in your car during late night drives

Became the favorite part of our lives.

Meeting my dad was the scariest part for you,

And it gave me comfort knowing you even cared.

You met him with all of the confidence you could muster

And I could tell he liked you even if he told me he didn’t.

We promised forever in the bracelets you wore

That was now yours to keep because I refused to take them back.

The first ‘I love you’ text arrived at precisely 2:34 am on a chilly Wednesday night. 

I cried with all the overflowing love in me I had for you and your perfect heart.

We still cling tight to each other

And continue to love with all the compassion we have in us.

I still love you with every ache in my body

And every ounce of effort I possess.

To say teenage love is underrated is so large of an understatement;

I wish for nothing more than for this feeling I have for you

To last for our eternity.