No More Sitting In Your Cars In The Morning


Sydney Ray

Central Hardin Student Parking Lot

Sydney Ray

Student drivers throughout the school are wondering why we cannot sit in our vehicles in the morning from the time we arrive until it’s closer to the first block bell. Plenty of students arrive here early to sit in their car, eat breakfast, and prepare for the day but recently, administrators have been going to students’ cars and making kids leave as they arrive in the morning. 

“I have to face the day so I just sit there like ‘dang’” junior Abbie Westcott said, referring to why she sits in her car in the morning. Oftentimes, when students sit in their cars in the morning, it allows for a moment of peace before walking into school.

Unfortunately, students sitting in their cars are not permitted, even if it is a way to relieve stress for most students. 

According to the Central Hardin 2022-2023 Student handbook, “Cars should be locked and students should leave them immediately upon arrival on school grounds. There will be no loitering in the parking lot or sitting in vehicles for any reason.” (page 20)

In previous years, this rule was not enforced in such a strict manner, and students are wondering why. Assistant principal Chase Cruse has been one of the administrators outside in the parking lot in the mornings. 

“It’s a safety issue. We have construction, large million-dollar pieces of equipment, and people running through the parking lot. It’s dangerous,” Cruse said. “It’s better for all of us involved if you are just in the building.”

The rule has already existed but was just recently reinforced for students’ safety. Due to the ongoing construction, the heavy machinery and trucks in and out of the parking lot are a constant battle in the mornings. The crews arrive just as early as we do and being able to get to construction as soon as they can helps them out a lot. So, this isn’t a punishment for students who drive, but it makes all our lives easier to allow construction crews to get through easier and get done sooner. It reduces the risk of students getting hurt by heavy machinery as well, but is it really helping? 

“Yes,” Cruse said. “It’s better for us to have an empty parking lot, especially with construction guys coming in and out. It just makes their life easier and makes our life easier.”

As the circumstances around the construction change, the rule make the change as well, but for now, they must remain enforced.