The Mentality and Physicality of the Central Hardin Raiders


Photo Courtesy of LTC Roland Haun

The Bruins proudly sing the Bruin Fight Song as they display their hard-earned trophies at the 12th Annual Hardin County Raider Cup in Cecilia. The Bruins placed 1 st and 3 rd claiming the Top Team Trophy as well as their 12th straight Hardin County Cup. Seniors Matthew Crum, Nathan Exum, Ethan Grimes, Tanner Maxwell, Camden Reed, Mikayla Sallee, Ben Sedano, Devin Slape, Leecy Tovar, Kevin Williams, and Xavier Wilson have helped captured the Top Team and Overall Traveling Cup for 4 straight years.

Sydney Ray

The Central Hardin Raider team has gotten much more recognition for their achievements over the years, but not a lot of people recognize who they are and what they really do and train for. Raiders is very much a physical sport, but the mental aspect is just as important when competing and training for events, such as the Hardin County Raider Cup. 

The Raiders team spends lots of time together getting to know one another and helping each other grow. “It’s like we are a big family because we are competing against other schools,” senior Mikayla Sallee said. “A lot of us have been together for three to four years.” 

Similar to all other sports teams, they are very close-knit and work together during competitions and during training. Their training takes place in the mornings 3 days a week an hour before school, training also depends on the competition. Students also train outside of school to keep physically fit, as recommended. “I go to the gym every week, every day that I do not have [training],” freshman Josiah Castenir said. 

Their events require strategy and strength. Some of the activities include carrying bags with heavy materials in them, carrying a litter with usually about 100 pounds, which is something similar to a gurney, and one event even includes carrying fire hoses. They also do events such as One Rope Bridge, which includes tying a rope between two poles and sending people across it to untie it on the other side, with the main goal being to get all the knots out. 

Obstacle courses are also common as well as pushing vehicles, such as a Humvee around a track. 

The team has also influenced the joining of other sports teams. Sallee also runs track and cross country, and she attributes that to being on the Raiders team as well. 

Besides working together and being physically fit, Raiders teaches you important life lessons. The Raiders are a group of individuals who are working together for a common goal. Most of these events bring on a proud moment for everyone involved. 

“Last Saturday, we won the Fort Knox meet and we did really good in every event.” Sallee recounted. They placed 2nd overall and won 2 events at the Fort Knox meet. 

“[Raiders] has made me more determined, like physically,” Sallee said. “I would be in a completely different spot.” Raiders teach loyalty, perseverance, and determination in all aspects of their lives and impact their futures from here on out. 

So far, the Raiders have had a very successful season and will continue to have successful seasons in the future. They all work extremely hard to compete and it will pay off for their futures. Good luck to the Raiders in future competitions!