Members of Central Hardin Drama Club Present The Wizard of Oz Tomorrow and Saturday

Madison Barger, Staff Writer

Actors in the new play, The Wizard of Oz , are very excited to have the opportunity to share their skills at the PAC this weekend.

“I was so excited to get the role of the scarecrow because it meant I could share the goofy side of the character,” senior Danielle Nolan said.

Public performances are to be held on Oct. 21 at 7 pm and Oct. 22 at 4 pm. Tickets can be purchased at THIS LINK for $7.00.

As we know, the play is going to be the magical Wizard of Oz, but why this play?

“Well, for a couple of reasons,” Drama Club sponsor Sarah Dakin said. “We already had most of the supplies. We inherited some costumes and it’s always good to have them considering how much work would go into the costumes.” 

Dakin explained that the 2020 production was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the supplies that were planned for use in 2020 will be utilized.

“Also, in the fall of 2020 we didn’t have a play at all,” Dakin said. “Last year, we did SchoolHouse Rock because we wanted to try to mark it to the elementary schools because we thought people were more interested in field trips. We have about 400 people already going.”

Many of the main characters in The Wizard of Oz have multiple experiences with plays in the past.

“At the start of freshman year, I wanted to be in drama so I tried out for a role,” senior Gabe Boykin said. “However, sophomore year I quit and then fell back into drama.” Boykin’s role in the play is the Lion.

Senior Isabella Sexton, who plays Dorothy, has also been involved in theater for several years.

“When I was younger, I was in a few small productions,” Sexton said, “but I really became involved in theater last year through the Drama Club when we did Schoolhouse Rock Live.”

Senior Danielle Nolan has used her theater experience to branch out into other related activities.

“I’ve been doing theater since 6th grade,” senior Danielle Nolan said. “I also did musical shows in theater from sixth grade to eighth grade, seventh through eighth grade I did speech team and right now I’m in youth dramatics as well as improv.”

It’s safe to say that anyone can join the Drama Club.

“You don’t have to have experience, “ Dakin said. “We’re always looking for new people, however we can’t have a lot of people.” 

Many people may feel like this is a problem while trying to be involved with little to no experience, but this has been proven to be no problem at all.

“We’ve had great experiences with students who have or hadn’t had any experience at all,” Dakin said. “We all come in together and the plays are always unique. We have a lot of people this year who dive in the plays and make it work.”