What’s Going On Under That Tarp?

Sydney Ray

Many students, like myself, have noticed the gigantic black tarp covering the bathrooms located in the commons area and we all have questions. Questions have swirled and rumors have flown about if this could be a part of the new renovations or if it’s just basic construction. What is going on over there?

“There is a major plumbing issue in the ground where some pipes are very old, at least 40 years old,” Baucum said. “There is a pipe that is broken down and the toilets are not able to flush properly.” As a result of this plumbing problem, the locker rooms in the small gym also flooded a few weeks ago.  

Could this be a potential new bathroom? 

“This is not part of our renovation project,” Baucum said. Renovations like those may not happen for a while. Due to these bathrooms being some of the most used in the building, their main goal is to get them back open as fast as possible for students.

There may be more of an influx of students in the other bathrooms as a result. Fortunately for us, the commons area bathrooms will be back up and running early next week! So, no need to worry.