What the Election Results Mean for Us


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Lilly Keith, Writer

Election Day took place on Nov. 8. The wait for results was agonizing, but the election has finished for 2022. The results for Kentucky were mainly conservative. 


Rand Paul (61.8% of votes) won our state Senate race against Charles Booker (38.2%). This will be Paul’s twelfth year as our junior U.S. Senate. 


Our U.S. House has six positions, and only one of the winners was Democratic: Morgan McGarvey won in the 3rd district. Our first district winner was James Comer. The second was Brett Guthrie. The fourth was Thomas Massie. Fifth was Harold Rogers. Sixth was Andy Barr. 


Our State Senate position now has a 7 Democrat to 31 Republican ratio with our State House having a 19 Democrat to 79 Republican ratio. 


Our Ballot results were surprising for our state. The amendments up for polling dealt with Kentucky General Assembly power and abortion.


The first amendment would have given the Kentucky General Assembly the power to call themselves into a special session whenever they wanted with the power to pass bills that were within the parameters of our governor, Andy Beshear. 


The second amendment on the ballot would have taken away women’s right to abortion in our state. 


Both amendments were voted no on. 


The second amendment on the ballot has a big impact on our state. If it would have been passed, the right to abortion in Kentucky would have been eliminated. 


This means that women still have access to abortion in Kentucky, and it prevents abortion from being outlawed in our state. 


What this means for us


As young women, we have many responsibilities in our lives. We’re young students who are bound to get wound up in situations sometimes, so it’s important for us to be responsible with our actions and stay safe. 


With the decision on this amendment, we now will continue to have access to contraceptives. Using our resources shouldn’t have to be a privilege, but it is in our day and age. Go to the nearest Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, or other pharmacies or convenience stores, and purchase your preferred contraceptive. 


Women can also go to their physician and request birth control in various different forms such as the pill, a IUD, or a patch. Use the items that we have been given access to for your own personal benefit. 


In the case that things go wrong, thanks to the denial of the second amendment on the ballot, you can now have access to abortion. You can go to an abortion clinic and discuss the option best for you, without having to deal with judgement from the doctor. They’re there for you, and only you. 


With this denial, the teen pregnancy rate should hopefully drop. With all of the resources we have access to, we have the ability to prevent issues before they happen. 


By raising awareness on teen pregnancy and abortion, we can fight against teen pregnancies. Make your friends aware of what their options are. Make your friends aware of precautions they can take, and stay safe.