Swifties Have “Bad Blood” with Ticketmaster, Presale Gone Wrong


Maggie Phelps, Writer, Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 15, Taylor Swift fans, better known as Swifies, stormed Ticketmaster to join the queue for Verified Fan Presale in order to secure their spot at The Eras Tour.  Little did the Swifties know, this would be a harder trek than originally anticipated. Swifties were preparing for what they thought would be the best day, but when 2,000 people were ahead of them and the queue was paused for several hours, they knew they were in trouble. 

 “There has been historically unprecedented demand with millions showing up to buy tickets for the TaylorSwiftTix Presale,” Ticketmaster reported in a statement released to Twitter on Nov. 15. 

Across the board, fans experienced struggle when trying to access their tickets, including extended wait times due to an unforeseen “queue pause,” leading fans to wait in line for upwards of eight hours.

Twitter flooded with fans expressing their stress, “What is Joe Biden’s plan to unpause the Ticketmaster queue for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?” @slutforfeelings tweeted. 

Fans using humor to relieve their feelings didn’t stop there.

“If Chick Fil A was in charge of the Ticketmaster queue, I would’ve had Taylor Swift tickets within MINUTES. Just saying,” @Laurparkerr on Twitter said. 

The agitation of purchasing tickets and waiting in the queue traveled into the halls of Central Hadin.

“8 hours. From 9:30 – 5:45,” sophomore Elizabeth Calberg said.

Several students shared their experience in the queue, one that can easily be defined as frustrating. Many noted that they were frequently kicked out of the queue, forced to rejoin with thousands of people ahead of them, some never were able to advance out of line.

“I felt like I was drafted into war,” senior Claire Akins shared.

English teacher Kayla Honaker put all of her energy into securing the tickets. She waited in line for upwards of eight hours, logged in and out of the queue multiple times, and even tried a few different devices, “I’m nothing if not dedicated,” Honaker said. 

Some fans, however, were not as fortunate as others. Tickets unfortunately became untouchable for even the most devoted of fans. 

The experience was horrendous. Since I was in class, my lovely mother and stepdad waited in the queue for half the day. Once they had gotten past the queue and placed the tickets in their cart, Ticketmaster kicked them out and sent them back to the beginning of the queue,” junior Aubry Konwinski said. “The second time around had been no better; all of the tickets had been sold. I am absolutely devastated.”

For Swifties that were unable to secure tickets or didn’t have the advantage of a Verified Fan Presale code, it is devastating news that tickets are now in your wildest dreams. Due to the unprecedented demand for tickets, general public ticket sales have been canceled.

General public sale through Ticketmaster was originally scheduled for Nov. 18, however, that sale now ceases to exist. 

“Due to extraordinarily high demand on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow’s public on-sale for Taylor Swift | The Ears Tour has been cancelled,” Ticketmaster reported in a statement released on Twitter on Nov. 17. 

While the road to tickets may have been treacherous, it will prove to be a gorgeous day whenever your chosen show comes around. Remember that even if you weren’t able to get tickets for this tour, there will be opportunities to see Swift sparkle on stage. Concert videos will circulate social media, Swift will appear in interviews, her music will live on forever, and she will always be enchanted to meet you wherever you are.