NBA, NFL, and MLB Building Community Through New Uniforms


Artwork via Chrysla Jewell

Hannah Martin, Writer

On Nov. 10, the NBA and Nike revealed the 2022-23 sixth-season City Edition uniforms. The purpose of the City Edition uniforms is to “represent the stories, history and heritage that make each NBA franchise unique — honoring the bonds between court, community, and culture,” according to Nike.

In my opinion, the idea of the NBA incorporating the change into the regular season creates excitement for the fans and the players. This representation for the team launches a fast, bold, and dynamic nature within the community. The fans and teams get excited about the deep storytelling that goes into the uniforms, and each year offers an opportunity to tell new and different stories with a new way to look at the court. 

The NBA City Edition uniforms add elements to basketball that make things come to life. 

The following is my ranking for the top 10 NBA City Edition uniforms. 

  1. Spurs
  2. Wizards
  3. Pelicans
  4. Miami
  5. Houston
  6. Suns
  7. Pacers
  8. Los Angeles Clippers
  9. Detroit
  10. Warriors 

In 2021, the Nike MLB City Connect Series was launched for the first time. The point of these uniforms was to celebrate the bond between the team and the city. These uniforms explore the personality, values, and traits that make each community and its residents eccentric. 

I believe the concept of the MLB City Connect jerseys is a great way for the teams to recognize the roots of their city, while improving an encouraging type of spirit. It’s also a good way to shake things up from the normal uniforms during the season. 

The following is my ranking for the top 10 MLB City Connect uniforms

  1. Washington Nationals
  2. Milwaukee Brewers
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks
  5. Miami Marlins
  6. Houston Astros
  7. Kansas City Royals
  8. San Diego Padres
  9. San Francisco Giants
  10. Los Angeles Angels

Beginning in 2015, the NFL and Nike partnered up on a concept for new uniforms known as “Color Rush.” The ideas of these new uniforms were for the teams to play each other wearing largely monochromatic jerseys. The debut of these new uniforms is typically during “Thursday Night Football.”

I consider the NFL Color Rush uniforms as incorporating a new slick look, featuring both modern and retro throwbacks in the league. The new outlandish colors and cool twists around the team names are a way for the NFL to create some electrified content. 

The following is my ranking for the top 10 NFL Color Rush uniforms

  1. Seahawks
  2. Lions
  3. Titans
  4. Rams
  5. Ravens
  6. Chargers
  7. Browns
  8. Vikings
  9. Patriots
  10. Dolphins

Overall, these electric new editions to the cities and teams create a fun and unique community aspect and show how sports can bring people together. The NBA, NFL, and MLB partnering with Nike for these uniforms can be special for everyone.