Central Hardin Predicts 2023

The Bruin Community Speculates What is in Store for 2023
2023 Predictions Graphic
2023 Predictions Graphic
Syra Lundergan

As the inhabitants of Central Hardin begin their individual 2023 journeys, The Central Times was curious as to what Bruins were predicting for the new year. What are students and teachers hopeful to see or maybe not so excited about? What events are expected? What will rise to the top of charts and find success? This could be a team, a celebrity, an artist, or even a form of media, for the possibilities are endless and a lot can happen in twelve months.

To preface the multitude of prophecies, it is important to realize that everyone will have their own thoughts, opinions, and predictions for 2023, but let’s take a look into what CHHS foresees in the future.



Given the grip that college and professional athletic organizations have over modern society, many Bruins had big predictions on how the upcoming sports seasons would play out. Many of these revolved around the annual final playoff game of the National Football League (NFL), otherwise known as the Super Bowl.

“Brock Purdy will lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl win against the Chiefs,” sophomore Chaz Ferguson voiced.

In contrast, other students anticipated teams such as the Bengals, Chiefs, or Eagles to take the dub on this popular nationwide event. Months from now, it will be fascinating to see whose fortellings were accurate and whose ended up as mere shots in the dark.

Central Hardin Athletics

Honing in on the future sport seasons for our Bruin athletes, students had high hopes and predicted big successes across various levels of victory.

“I predict the [Central Hardin] volleyball team will go to state,” sophomore Katelynn Vest articulated with similar confidence. As a Lady Bruin on the Varsity squad, Vest’s prediction holds value and will be of note, but only time will tell if she is right.

In a similar sense, Ferguson already marked the CHHS boys basketball teams’ regional championship dub in his calendar; a weighty prediction with high expectations.


With all that has happened across the media concerning well-known individuals in the year of 2022, it is arguable that 2023 will more than likely have some unimaginable stories and scandals. Whether this means a death, a birth, a divorce, a threat, a lawsuit, or most commonly, a Twitter fiasco, the drama surrounding today’s pop culture is something always circulating the halls of Central.

After a problematic and irate year from the canceled artist, Kanye West, many Bruins have predicted extreme conclusions to his legacy of out-of-pocket and controversial actions.

Some simply foresaw that the “Kanye situation” would get worse and eventually incriminate West, placing him behind bars, but others were much more literal.

“Kanye is going to die,” sophomore Ryah Rodriguez blatantly predicted, and she was not alone in her thinking.

However, for West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, many anticipate a surge of empowerment and potentially a lawsuit against West. With her growing popularity across various media platforms, especially through the TikTok account, “@kimandnorth,” the Kardashian lifestyle is a common discussion topic among the Bruin community.

“Kim Kardashian will find another boyfriend,” sophomore Shelby Eidson contributed.

Per usual, romantic relationships are one of the most controversial and desired forms of pop culture. An announcement of a new couple, or in contrast, the separation of two celebrities can make a big boom in the media. The intrigue of famous individuals’ personal lives seems to have only grown over the past decade, and as a result, many have predicted love stories yet to form in 2023.

“Pete Davidson will end up dating Jenna Ortega,” sophomore Dallas Deweese commented.

“Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn get married,” senior Eli Thompson envisioned.

While we love to mash “ship names” and romanticize public relationships, with love also comes heartbreak. The “lesbian breakup curse” has plagued TikTok with a multitude of explanation and conspiracy theory videos leaving viewers on a cliff-hanger each week.

Whatever sparks may fly or fizzle out in 2023, we are sure that social media will eat it up as always. We cannot deny our love for a paparazzi photo release of PDA or an Instagram post of the latest celebrity wedding; it’s human nature. Love, romance, and all the in-betweens are what entertain our species, and CHHS students are no different.


2022 was a year of music if there ever was one. Major artists such as Taylor Swift, SZA, Harry Styles, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and The Lumineers dropped albums, causing streams across platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to skyrocket.

As a community of high school-aged students with constant access to a device and headphones, music plays a key role in their lives both in and out of the classroom. The love for certain artists, genres, albums, or songs is an undeniable adoration worthy of recognition. After a year of diverse musical experiences, it is exciting to look ahead to all that is yet to drop in the upcoming months. How will the trends shift? Who will reach record-breaking numbers this year? What songs will dominate the Bruins’ playlists?

“Music will definitely be different this year. It could be good or It could just go downhill,” sophomore Riley Digiuseppe predicted.

“Indie, alternative, and bedroom pop music will continue to be on the up and up and gain popularity,” sophomore Melia Reddick predicted. “But many older musicians will begin to not do as well on social media, including TikTok.”

The up-and-coming genre of ‘bedroom pop’ is just what it sounds like–when young artists start off making music in their bedrooms and upload the songs to platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

— Theogony News Site

Upon reflection, it seems that Central students foresee 2023 as a year of musical transition or transformation. There is an overpowering theme of the popular genres shifting from Rap and Indie-Pop to the heavier, Rock ‘n’ Roll style that once dominated the ‘70s. It will be fascinating to step back this time next year and see if the Bruins’ inklings were accurate.


Fashion has always been a major form of self expression, especially in the classrooms where student identities are oftentimes reduced to their grades and success in extracurricular activities. Overtime, young people especially have begun to better-appreciate a more out-of-the-box style of dress and the trendy items ebb and flow across big brands. Thrifting and second-hand clothes shopping has made a key comeback in the past few years, and seems to have greatly influenced the diverse aesthetics of Central Hardin.

Of course, some pieces and pairings will always be classically iconic. Most anyone and everyone can appreciate a good pair of blue jeans, no matter the style, and you can’t go wrong with throwing on a flannel for some easy layering. That being said, the 2023 trends are but a mystery as of right now, and students have a lot to say regarding the future of fashion.

“I think that Y2K fashion is going to fade and the rockstar girlfriend fashion trend is going to last and be a huge trend, “ senior Lilly Keith articulated.

“I think it will continue to be the same and trends will copy old fashions because there is no authentic creativity left,” sophomore Hazel Duckworth stated, opening the door to an interesting variance in opinion.

Many Bruins were not fans of the 2022 trends involving baggier, wide-leg pants or the “tiny top” marvel. Similarly, certain brands popular five-years back or so were predicted to roll back into style.

“There better not be any more 80’s and 90’s stuff…” freshman Addition Forbis voiced. “…hoodies and skinny jeans look sooo much better, are simple, and so much more comfortable.”

“Vera Bradley is definitely making a comeback,” sophomore Briley App stated.
What Bruins are wearing now may likely be very different from their attire a mere few months from now, but time will only tell if students really know what is in store for the 2023 trendy garments and accessories.


Without a doubt, the Hardin County community as a whole will be expanding in the near future. There is an inverse relationship between the influx of corporations and businesses and the profusion of new residents. The Bruin community seems to be optimistic and confident in the future of Elizabethtown and in the ways we will grow, both as a team and individually.

“I think that our community is going to unite this year even more so than ever before,” senior Lilly Keith added. “We’re going to unite and be the most caring and loving community we’ve never had before.”

We asked those surveyed on this topic to be bold and unapologetic, and freshman Maximus Smith took those suggestions precisely.

“The moon will explode,” Smith said.

Additionally, a few students had more individualized predictions, concerning themselves.

“I’m going to get skinny,” senior Dylan Fitts stated.


2022 was definitely a year to remember, and we hope that 2023 will only outdo it in moments of joy, excitement, and growth across various spectrums.

No matter how detailed or broad the predictions may be for the next 12 months, the future is an unknown and abstract concept. It is impossible to know who the members of the Bruin community will be this time a year from now, but the mere thought is both exciting and enlightening.

Time seems to move at sonic speed as students progress through and graduate high school. Of course, every year will be different, but there are always common themes and lessons learned: savor the moment and live in the present, for each day is all its own. Predicting one’s future is a fun past-time, but do not let it define how you choose to live; sometimes the most unpredictable, contemporary events are the ones that create the most beautiful core memories.

If as a reader you wish to share additional predictions for 2023, leave a comment below! Furthermore, watch for The Central Times’ updates and articles to see how your initial prognosis compares to the real-time playout.

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