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Hanna Grass, Writer, Opinion/Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Hey everyone! I'm Hanna Grass, a member of the 2024 class. This is my second year on the newspaper staff and I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to write articles for and on behalf of the Central Hardin community.

Throughout my adolescence, I have found solace in writing. Whether it be stories, articles, or poetry, literature has always played a big role in my life. Books such as A Little Life, The Secret History, Normal People, and The Goldfinch have helped my love to read truly flourish. Literature that touches upon emotional topics or intertwines a heart-pounding mystery hold a special place in my heart. That being said, reading and writing are not my only loves. Music, movies, and creative endeavors are also regular pastimes for me, especially when the weather isn't tolerable. Taylor Swift, Ashe, Steve Lacy, Caamp, and The Lumineers are just a few of the artists who rule my Spotify. Whether I am relaxing in my room, doing homework, or driving around with friends, you can almost always catch me with a background tune.

When however, the weather has blessed us with blue skies and sun, I will likely be spending time outside with friends or family. As an active person and athlete on Central's track and cross country teams, I love to run. Getting my miles in is a key aspect to my daily routine, and on off-days, I love to bike, hike, or go kayaking. My dad has worked in the National Park Service all my life, so learning to love nature and in all its forms. I was born in Arizona, but have lived in Montana, Colorado, Florida, and of course, Kentucky. Although I like to consider myself pretty well-traveled, I would absolutely love to traverse foreign areas like Ireland or Norway to learn more about my family heritage.

In the 2022-2023 school year, I would love to explore the media's impact, fashion throughout the ages, and social norms throughout my articles and I would love to hear your thoughts! As a returning member of the staff, I understand how much of an impact students and teachers have on what types of content we publish. I encourage you to submit an opinion to our site, or even get in touch with the staff personally. My email is always open! Coming full circle, I have big hopes and dreams for this year as a journalist and am so eager to see where the on-goings of Central Hardin take us.

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