How Bullying Becomes Dehumanization

Lifelong Effects of Bullying on Victims and Their Perpetrators

How Bullying Becomes Dehumanization

Alayna Edblom, Writer

Bullying has been an issue worldwide for centuries; people abuse others in various forms just to boost their self-esteem. It’s something heard about every day and reported on every school year. It’s preached about incredibly often, yet it fails to improve the actions of some. Bullying still happens consistently in schools, workplaces, and even at home. It’s become such an issue that it no longer is just bullying, it’s dehumanizing.

Many people mistake simple actions such as teasing or name-calling as just kidding around, when, in fact, it is a form of bullying. Even the slightest judgment can affect someone profoundly, which is why judging others in any aspect is rude. Constant mockery of someone eventually turns into not seeing them as human beings, which leads to internal effects on both persons.

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Victims of bullying often experience severe symptoms of both mental and physical anguish. Some victims develop disorders such as anorexia or anxiety, while others may begin to suffer from depression. Not only that, but it may also have a negative effect on their social life. They may start to skip class or work and abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to escape. This could lead to the isolation of oneself, which only causes further problems. When a person feels alone and without purpose, as if their life is not worth living, suicide becomes plausible.

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Victims of bullying aren’t the only ones who suffer, however; the bullies suffer as well. According to Buckfire Law Firm, bullying is often a warning sign that children and teens are heading toward a life of trouble. Teens that bully tend to engage in other delinquent behavior such as vandalism, truancy, and drug use that follows into adulthood. People who bully are more likely to be more susceptible to violence and be convicted of a crime at an early age. It’s quite clear that bullies are tormented greatly by their own actions, even without realizing it. They start to see the world as a playpen for crime, and people as toys to tamper with.

When it comes to bullying in Central Hardin, students have mixed feelings on the subject. According to the student results of the 2021-2022 Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey, 63% of students believe that bullying is a problem, while the other 37% feel as though Central doesn’t have an issue with bullying at all. This shows that Central has a dichotomy on the matter, but bullying does exist in its halls.

A more positive set of statistics is that 78% of students feel that there is a safe way to report any witnesses of bullying to an adult, and 68% of students feel that an adult will do something about the situation. Though it’s obvious that bullying still occurs in the school as well as many others, it’s relieving to know that Central is full of trusted and caring adults that students can trust with these types of predicaments.

With that being said, there are many resources such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) that one can contact in order to help prevent bullying. The world is full of wonderful and unique people that should be viewed as equal. No one should have to endure such cruelness, nor should anyone ever be so cruel to another. Every human life matters and should be viewed as a person, not anything less.