Bruins Share Views on E-Hallpass App


Sherrard, Susan

If you don’t recognize this screen, you will beginning on Feb. 27.

Madison Barger, Writer

E-Hallpass is a new app that is located on our Central Hardin Student Internal website that will be required by all teachers in Trimester 3.

Students must use the app to sign out of class for any reason and upon return. Data from the app can be tracked by teachers and administrators.

Some believe that this app will be useful to possibly lower the time spent outside of class. While there are some teachers that agree with the new app purpose is, some students disagree and say it invades students’ privacy.

Assistant principal Dan Corley has transitioned the student body and staff into becoming familiar and comfortable with E-Hallpass. He highlights the importance of incorporating E-Hallpass into the day to day lives of students.

“The school is responsible for your whereabouts,” Corley said. “This is a high school and sometimes bad things happen here, so being able to check who is in the halls for emergencies is important and this app allows us to have some knowledge of students’ location.”

Staff members other than administration think the app is important in regards to emergencies.

“I think it’s a safety thing, if we have, you know, fire evacuations or earthquake drills,” geometry teacher Samatha Dale said.

Dale enjoys being able to track how long people are gone. The app can also let people go more than once if needed, in case of an emergency. 

Not all of the students dislike E-Hallpass, most people enjoy the controls on the app and how it works.

“I don’t like the timer on it, but I like that you can request a teacher on the chromebook so you don’t have to raise your hand each time you need to go to the bathroom,” sophomore Sydney Manful said. “I haven’t used the app, but I know that it’s important so students shouldn’t do activities that could get them into trouble.” 

Many students agree that the timer is the reason as to why they dislike the app.

“I personally don’t like it,” an anonymous student said. “I don’t like the timer on the app, I guess I just don’t like being timed. I have used this app before in some of my classes and I have heard other students’ opinions, most weren’t good.” 

One could argue and say that E-Hallpass does provide some privacy. Some people say that it protects your privacy regarding the reason as to why you need to go to the bathroom and it allows you to keep it private in case you are asked why you need to go.

As it turns out, Central Hardin High School isn’t the only school in our district that uses the app. In fact, some middle schools and high schools in Hardin County, including Elizabethtown High School, use the app.