A Farewell to Cojo

Hannah Martin, Writer


The face Central students and staff know and love. 

Kristina Covington-Jones has been teaching at Central for 13 years. 

The energy she brings into the classroom and on the court makes everyone want to show up and be a part of the action. Cojo knows how to have a good time, while making sure you are staying accountable for yourself. 

“Cojo has always been a friendly face in the hallway who you know always has a joke,” senior Jesse Fulkerson said.

It’s pretty prevalent the impact she has left on each one of her students, players, and overall the school alone, not to mention her fellow faculty also appreciates her outgoing presence. 

“She sure will be missed! She is a great teacher and a friend! She always knows how to brighten up your day.” algebra teacher Julie Goode said

Unfortunately, this is Cojo’s last year with us at Central Hardin, but rather than looking at this as a melancholy moment, it’s important we look at the importance she will leave behind. 

“I have always wanted to be a teacher. I tossed and turned with what kind of teacher, but I knew that I wanted to be a teacher and a coach!” Cojo said.

Her excitement about teaching allows the classroom to be witty, but also successful. 

Not only did Cojo guide her students through multiple ranges of classes, she also spent hours upon hours after school coaching the Lady Bruin Basketball team. 

We have been lucky enough to have her for this long as a teacher and coach. 

Cojo has built multiple relationships and bonds with almost everyone in the building, it will be challenging for Central to find someone just as great to fill her shoes. 

“She’s very passionate about her students and their individual needs,” senior Bailey Royalty said.

The hard work Cojo puts into her job shows how much she wants everyone of her students to accomplish inside and outside of the classroom. 

She pushes her students to their full potential knowing it will stick with them throughout the rest of their life, this instills confidence in her students. 

“Central has been my world the last 13 years of my life. The students, coworkers, and environment has made me such a better person,” Cojo said.

Cojo will continue to shine her light teaching, just not at Central. She and her family are moving to Winchester, Kentucky, where she will be teaching in the Clark County School District, but as of right now her coaching days are over. 

Although she is still pursuing teaching, her time outside of the school will be a great necessity to her and family. 

“I will enjoy being a mom and a wife,” Cojo said.

As much as she loves her own family, Central has become a second family for her. 

“I will miss everything! This is not just a school, but this has become a family,” Cojo said.

This new chapter will be hard for all of us considering Cojo is such a familiar face to our school and teams, but it’s much needed for her and we should be congratulating her for this new step in her life.  

It’s important we thank Cojo for the hard work and dedicated hours to the students, staff, and faculty, they have not gone unseen. 

No matter how far or how wide, Central will always welcome you back home because Once a Bruin Always a Bruin.