Fawbush Says Goodbye to Central After 12 Years


Photo courtesy of Martin Fawbush

A photo of Martin Fawbush in uniform.

Martin Fawbush has been a teacher at Central Hardin High School for 12 years, and he has decided it is time for a new adventure.


MSG Fawbush was an Infantryman for 30 years working in various positions of leadership and responsibility.  He served in the 82nd Airborne as an Airborne Paratrooper before becoming an Airborne Instructor and then a Senior Drill Sergeant at Ft Benning, GA.  He finished his career at the University of Louisville serving as the Senior Military Instructor for eight years.


In addition to classroom instruction, Fawbush was the sponsor for the Raiders, who competed often during his 12 years.


“We had competitions throughout the whole year,” said Fawbush. “At the beginning of the year we have the Raider team that competes all over the state,” Fawbush said. “We’ve been to Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, then after Raider seasons is over we have drill season and we compete from November to May.”


Fawbush will not only miss being at Central with his fellow staff members, but also his students which he grew connections with over the years.


“He was a really good mentor,” said sophomore Raven Ashlock. “ Fawwbush was alway able to help you understand with things you didn’t know or had trouble with, he was a really good teacher.”


“I learned good life lessons and taking responsibility along with dealing with things in a more helpful way,” said Ashlock.


“I’m going to miss trying to help my students achieve goals,” said Fawbush. “To have goals and to do something other than staying in Hardin County for their whole life.”


Fellow JROTC instructor, Col. Roland Haun, has been witness to these efforts for many years. 


“I have never met anyone so dedicated to his students, program and school,” Haun said. “I could write a book on what he has done for students and this program.”


Haun shared that in Fawbush’s 12 years at Central Hardin, over 75 former Cadets have enlisted in the military and 24 Cadets have earned ROTC scholarships towards commissioning as military officers. In addition, he was awarded Cadet Command’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Instructor Awards and was the 2019 7th Brigade Army JROTC  Instructor of the Year.  He coached the Raider team to nine State Championships and the Drill team to 10 State Championships.  The Drill team has won six Brigade Championships against schools from MI, IN, OH, KY, and TN.


“My favorite memories were watching students who were freshman mature and getting confidence in themselves,” Fawbush said. “With seniors I’ve seen some going to college and even some becoming an army officer.


In fact, Fawbush has been invited by 10 alumni to receive the traditional silver dollar upon their first salute as an army officer.


Fawbush has some big plans after retirement, instead of just staying in Hardin County.


“My plans after retirement are to just travel,” said Fawbush. “I traveled a lot in the army doing mission and states, this time  I’m just going to do a lot of traveling for sightseeing, visiting different locations and in all sitting on the beach.”