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  • Saturday, March 2 -- Track: KHSAA Indoor State Meet @ Norton's
  • Saturday, March 2 -- Colorguard @ Tates Creek
  • Saturday, March 2 -- Archery @ E-town
  • Friday, March 1 -- Track: KHSAA Indoor State Meet @ Norton's
  • Wednesday, February 28 -- BOYS' BASKETBALL DISTRICT TOURNAMENT: Boys' Basketball vs. E-town (HOME) 8:00 p.m.
Reagan Reed

Reagan Reed

Hi everyone, my name is Reagan and I’m a senior. This is my third year on the staff and I’m hoping to make it the best. In the past I’ve made myself write about a variety of things, not wanting to stray away from any topic or narrow myself into the label of a certain kind of writer. I want to keep that attitude with me this year, and even expand my limits on what I’ll continue to write about. The majority of my articles have been about politics, gender, music, and school events. I of course want to stick to writing about all of those things, but I want to add more topics like books and lifestyle.

My life outside of the newspaper includes going to ECTC, reading, hanging out with my friends and family, and spending too much time with my cats. I also have a serious spending problem. The second I get any type of money I head off to the nearest thrift store. I know that sounds somewhat basic and materialistic, but one of the main ways I express myself is through how I dress. It makes me feel more like me when I wear stuff that I love or made myself. In order to combat this spending problem though, I am searching for a job so don’t worry. 

One of my biggest hobbies that I tend to not talk about that much is art. I love to draw, and the past year I’ve really gotten into painting. It’s one of my favorite things, and it’s so calming and relaxing. It’s also one of the main ways I decorate my room so that instead of buying expensive decorations, I can hang up something I painted. 

Even though I’m a very arts and literature oriented person, my future plans follow a very different path. I intend on going to pharmacy school. I haven’t decided on any specific colleges yet, but I at least know that’s the career I want to pursue. I’ve always been an independent person and in my adult life, I want to be financially independent and to be able to take myself anywhere I want to go without having to worry about needing that money from someone else. That may come across as greedy, but it’s more about having the stability to pursue my passions in my personal time. A big passion of mine is traveling and I hope I have the potential to follow that dream because of this career as well. 

If any of you have any topics you think I should know more about or write more about, please let me know! Leave a comment on one of my past articles or find me on social media and send me a message. Or even if you just noticed we have a similar interest and you want to talk about it; I’m all ears.

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Reagan Reed