Sam Christensen Stuns Central Hardin with Perfect ACT Score

Sam Christensen Stuns Central Hardin with Perfect ACT Score

Reagan Reed, Staff Writer

Sam Christensen, a junior, has recently gained attention for his astonishing perfect ACT score he got this past month. This is a very impressive feat, as anyone who has taken the ACT knows that making a decent score, let alone a perfect one, is extremely difficult. However, Christensen managed to do so at only 16, which makes it all the more impressive. 


Anyone who knows Christensen, whether a student or a teacher, knows how intelligent and hardworking he is, so this truly came at no surprise. However, Sam himself said he was completely shocked when he received his score. 


“I knew in the back of my mind that a 36 was a definite possibility, but as the days went on, I kept losing confidence in my performance,” Christensen said. “So when the score report came out, I just stared at it in disbelief. It took about 5 minutes before I fully accepted the situation.”. 


Sam wasn’t completely new to the ACT, having taken it twice before: once in his 7th grade year and once the summer after his freshman year. However, to score a 36 on only his third time taking the test is all the more impressive. 


When asked about his preparation for taking the test Christensen said, “I was already confident in my ability to score well in the math and science portions of the test, so I focused all of my attention towards English, my worst test section.” 


A student with an obvious bright future ahead, Christensen said he’s interested in attending these colleges in the future: Stanford College, University of Florida, MIT, and The University of California-Berkeley. As for his future plans of what field he’s interested in pursuing, “I’m interested in pursuing an engineering degree. I’m unsure of which field I want to dive into, but the University of Florida has a program that lets me obtain an undergraduate degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering,” he says. 


He hasn’t chosen any particular scholarships due to his score, but with his academic achievements, there’s no limit to what he can accomplish and what paths are open to him. Everyone at Central Hardin will be interested and proud to see where his future lies.