Basketball Teams’ Season Recap


Eli Thompson

A huddle from the girls’ basketball game vs. Fort Knox on Feb. 1.

It’s been a good season for the Central Hardin girls’ basketball team. They currently have a 15-4 record and aren’t slowing down yet. They are currently 9-0 putting them at number 1 in the region rankings.

The Bruins are putting on a show this year led by point guard Monica Lindsey who is averaging 19 points per game. The talent this year is exceptional but that’s not the only reason they’re winning.

Whenever you’re the team that others strive to be is when you know you’re succeeding. 

“[We are] winning in a positive way and being the team that people want to be,” starting forward Mallory Reed said. The positivity from this Bruin squad has led them to such a good start but will continue to keep them going throughout the season. Even with the losses they have faced, they’ve continued to keep their heads up and move to the next one.

“Our biggest goal is getting to Rupp[Arena],”  said Reed. As the Bruins continue to play out the rest of the season they will have to continue to play well through district and region if they want to execute their goal of going to state.

The Bruins will head to district rival Etown tonight to try and get their 16th win on the season. The Bruins played Fort Knox last night and got the win 74-3. They are performing exceptionally well but only time will tell how they play out the rest of their season.

The boys’ basketball team is also having a good season. They are currently 13-8 and are 4th in the region.

The improvement from last season to this season is Jurassic. Last season the Bruins finished 4-14 and this season they have already won triple the amount of games.

This year, the Bruins are a very offensive team and can knock down just about any shot. The Bruins’ defense, although not their best attribute, has improved a lot since the beginning of the season and continues to become more coordinated every game.

“I think it’s better because we’re winning,” said senior Nolan Goodman. Just by watching the team play you can tell they just have more fun on the court. The Bruins know when to be serious but don’t fall short by any means when it comes to making a good joke.

“After losses we’ve done really well with coming together, saying what we need to improve on, then we work on it in practice and come out and take dubs,” said senior Landon Elmore. The growth from this squad is tremendous but as Elmore said, they fix what the problem is and that is one of the keys to success. They not only have grown on the court but mentally they’ve become closer as teammates and continue to make those important connections to be a better basketball team.

Brett Decker, the leading scorer on the team averaging 20.2 points per game, is a great leader for this team. He takes control of the game and always is the leader the team needs when things on the court get tough. Even when Decker isn’t on the court, point guard Nolan Stith can always lead the team and is a crucial presence on Defense for the Bruins.

Both of these teams continue to grow and show improvement all around. These Bruin teams’ growth over this season just shows why these teams are successful. Coach Matt Nickell and Coach Kristina “Cojo” Covington-Jones have done a great job this year and made these programs more successful every game. The Bruins continue to perform well and play their best the rest of the season, one game at a time.