Early Career Opportunities Pros & Cons


Co-op at Early Learning Academy, Preschool teacher

Kenzie Stambaugh

While early-career jobs are highly encouraged and a fantastic opportunity amongst the majority of schools across the country, it can be frowned upon no matter what career you’re pursuing at a young age. These opportunities may include student apprenticeships and internships. While it’s a rewarding experience to get ahead without going into debt for the rest of your life, it has its ups and downs. If you want to pursue an early career opportunity, here’s a list of its pros and cons.



The kids who advance in early careers are more confident knowing they have a place they belong. Using the skills they’ve learned throughout life, it gives them an extra boost in their career choice. 

Accomplishment and a Greater Future

Students who are able to pursue what they want to do with their life while being in school, feel “ahead of the game,” and high-achieving at a young age. Some of these opportunities lead to high-end job offers, better positions within the field, a reputation on a resume, and you could become a role model to many to aspire to pursue the same career. 

A sense of value and belonging

Applying for a job that is known for only employing high school graduates can be intimidating. It’s a fresh breath of air getting that phone call when you’ve received an internship or apprenticeship. With the support and proper training, you leave a mark in your workplace. Your co-workers value your presence, the impact you make, and your passion for your career. 


School can hold you back

From a young age you are told that as a teenager, school is your job. However, students participating in early career opportunities tend to have the desire to graduate early. Most workplaces want someone who can work from 9-5, or even longer. Applying may get you turned down due to the fact that the student hasn’t graduated. 


Some adults tend to question the mentality of a high school student taking on an entire career field. Typically it’s frowned upon for a teenager to be working in a daycare center, automotive businesses, welding corps, etc. Some companies may allow you to work with them, but the student could be restricted.