Bruins Ask Bo!


Chrysla Jewell

Our Bruin, Bo!

Lilly Keith, Writer

This year, our staff has decided to start an advice column! Our representative for this column is Bo, our school Bruin! Please feel free to ask Bo for advice on anything, he’s here to help! Once Bo gets a chance to give you some advice,  If you need some ideas on what to ask, look at our examples down below! You can also find a box to submit paper questions in between Mr. Sisk’s room (110) and Ms. Sherrard’s room (112). 

You can find a link to the digital advice submission here.

Q: “I’m in a toxic relationship/friendship and I don’t know what to do. How should I move forward?”

A: “Slowly distance yourself from the individual if a conversation about any issues between you two is uncomfortable. Be open to giving second chances, but do not leave yourself in a vulnerable position. If a conversation is an option, let yourself listen to their perspective and advocate for your own viewpoint as well. You are worthy of healthy friendships and relationships.”

Q: “I’m failing all my classes! How should I proceed? Where can I find guidance?”

A: “If you find yourself struggling with the learning content/process, talk with your teachers on how to better prepare or seek out new methods of studying. If you are struggling with motivation or time management, schedule an appointment with your counselor. On a personal level, Power Hour is a great way to receive help and extra attention regarding assingments. Nearly every teacher is open for this reason exactly, and are at your service. Our staff and administration are here to help and offer support.”

Q:  “I’m having trouble getting along with my parents. We’re constantly arguing and I feel as if I can’t talk to them about anything. What should I do?”

A: “Seek out better relationships with your teachers to increase the paternal figures in your life. You can also seek out help from the resource center, located in the freshman wing. To improve your relationship with your parents, you can start helping out around the house, or ask them to have a serious conversation about the issue. Check in with them like they would check in on you.”