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Our Bruin, Bo!

Bo, Advice Columnist

For the first time in several years, The Central Times has an advice columnist. More affectionately known as Bo, our sage can help you with a variety of problems, as shown in the responses below. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. Keep ‘em coming by visiting the table beside Mr. Sisk’s room (110) OR submitting a question on THIS FORM. Questions and responses are listed by date with the most recent at the top.

January 17:

Great Depression. Constipation. My parents are getting a divorce.

You make some interesting points here and each is extremely valid in its own way. The Great Depression of the 1930s was a historical tragedy and an ultimate economic low point for the United States. On a different note, constipation can be both difficult, painful, and extremely inconvenient. If you are struggling with this condition, I encourage you to have a cup of coffee or maybe some prune juice to loosen and get things moving. In regards to the information you shared on your parents’ divorce, I, Bo, sincerely apologize and am sending you happy thoughts. Separation can be difficult for anyone and everyone involved, but sometimes it is simply for the best.

December 1:

Do you stan Tomorrow X Together?

I <3 Soobin. I recommend you give them a listen.

What is your favorite type of kitchen utensil?

A whisk.

Do you have your Gucci on? Do you wear your Louis Vitton? Will you make us look?

I am a bear of simple living.

Rate the Hardin County Schools’ Mascots.

  1. The Bruins
  2. The Bulldogs
  3. The Trojans
  4. The Lakers

October 25:

I’m trying to start a club for people interested in firearms and gun safety but I think the school wouldn’t allow me to set it up. Do you have any advice on how to pitch it better?

I think this is a question to ask Central’s administration directly. Our principal Tim Issacs’ email is always open to student concerns. Keep in mind you will need an adult to sponsor and offer a space for your club meetings. Considering safety is always a concern at Central Hardin, this is definitely a topic worth bringing to the table, and that many adults in the building would be willing to discuss. Confidence is key!

Is it okay to date older than you? 

At the end of the day, age is just a number. This doesn’t mean you should date someone 10 or more years older than you, but in high school I don’t think the actual age of a person defines whether or not you should be in a relationship with them. This said, it’s definitely a risk. Specifically for younger girls, it’s risky to get with an older guy, because they could be more experienced and could potentially pressure you into things that you are not comfortable with and could regret later on. Consent is important in any relationship, but whenever you are involved with someone older than you, it is even more important to set boundaries and make sure you are on the same page of consent. No means no. Love who you love and be with who makes you happy, it’s okay to date older people, just be careful!

October 24:

How do I achieve good work habits?

The overall thing to keep in mind is that keeping a routine with your habits is essential to your success. Start with pointing out what habits you want to start doing; ask people you look up to and even your peers to figure out what habit(s) they have that you would like to accomplish, and plan your goals from there. Do those habits as much as possible, no matter the assignment. It takes time, but eventually you will achieve good habits for yourself so you can complete good work and help you work towards whatever you want in your life. If you ever need ideas, just ask Bo! Wishing you luck!

October 21st:

How do I stop being in love with a moron?

Although this is easier said than done, analyze and acknowledge what you actually fancy about this “moron.” Take note of your energy when you are in their presence. Do they make you feel unheard, self-conscious, and/or anxious? Are they truly helping you grow as a person and have your best interest in mind? Are you in love with them, or just the idea of being with them? 

It can feel isolating ending a relationship with a significant other. Why not fall in love with yourself instead? Explore new pastimes and hobbies that you enjoy. Grow other relationships in your life you may have been neglecting. Indulge in self-care activities like journaling, reading, hiking, running, baking, etc. As cliche as it sounds, you have to love yourself and enjoy alone time to establish this new-found independence. Your worth and happiness is not dependent on this “moron.”  

October 17th:

How do I respectfully pick up females?

To start things off on the basis of respect, as you included in your question, I would encourage you to refrain from using the phrase, “pick up” in regard to starting any level of a relationship. This may create an objectifying tone, which personally, I find to be a major red flag. When seeking out romantic relationships with any gender, it is vital to have confidence in oneself. The first step towards showing affection and love towards another is learning to value your own body and mind. Healthy relationships involve mutual trust and respect, along with a strong sense of individuality. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and furthermore, remove yourself from a relationship that is not prioritizing your comfort.

On another note, if you feel that you are ready for a relationship, I applaud you for asking for advice. Although the answer is rather cliche, I will advise you by simply saying, “be unapologetically yourself.” If you have an interest in a particular someone, respectfully ask if they would like to hang out with you, but please, if they decline, accept their answer. It is not polite, or respectful, to push them into doing something they do not want to do, no matter what that is. If they do, however, share this interest in hanging out, demonstrate chivalrous behavior during whatever activity you partake in. I cannot speak for all girls, but I value someone who cares for me and is willing to go out of their way to make me smile, whether that be holding the door, paying for my meal, or simply offering a hug goodbye. 

All in all, if you are trying to respectfully “pick up” females, use your manners, treat them how you would treat a loved one, and express yourself. Girls will always value a good smile and humble nature.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

You have asked a very, very interesting question that I have taken on and researched just for you. 

After my extensive research, my findings have been that woodchucks don’t even chuck wood! Aside from that, we are asking how much wood they WOULD be able to chuck if they could. According to a study done in 1995 by students at Harvard Medical School, woodchucks can chuck wood at a rate of 361.9237001 cubic centimeters per day, which is approximately 0.7979051766784 pounds, but that is if we are talking about eating wood. Chucking can also meaning tossing or throwing, so how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? In another study done in 1988 by Richard Thomas, who is a fish and wildlife technician, argued that while woodchucks don’t throw wood, they do throw dirt when they are making burrows. According to Thomas, woodchucks can chuck up to 700 pounds of dirt on “a good day.”

I hope this answers your question! Thank you!

I just moved here, how do you suggest I move on from my old friends and make new ones?

Unless you have a strong reasoning why you no longer want to keep touch with your old friends, you don’t necessarily have to “move on.” You can maintain touch by social media, facetimes, or you may even favor old-fashioned pen pals. 

On the other hand, you have no reason to feel guilty for growing in a new setting and away from another. The easiest way to make new friends is to get involved with extracurriculars here at Central Hardin or out in the Elizabethtown community. I have formed my closest relationships from sports, considering we’re forced to be around eachother five days a week for several months. Joining a club or elective of interest is also a great outlet and will give you common ground to make conversation. If extracurriculars aren’t exactly your forte, challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether that’s in your classes or engaging with someone on social media, you attract what you give off. Give off confidence and present yourself to be approachable. 

How can I get the girls in my first period to stop staring at me?

I feel like the most reasonable thing to do in this situation is to simply ask the girls in your first period to politely stop staring at you. It’s important to be polite here as you would not want to come off as rude, but also have meaning in your tone of voice to try to get your point across. If this doesn’t stop, then I recommend telling your first period teacher or another adult in the school building. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but it’s important that you want to be away from anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for reaching out!

How do I get my crush to like me back?! 

I can tell by the way you asked this question, that it is urgent and important to you. The first step to get them to like you, is to start a conversation! Be yourself, and just say hello to them. This will evolve (at your own pace) to getting their Snapchat and/or number. 

I need help on how to completely shun the University of Louisville, because why not?

Assuming you’re being bombarded with emails, there is an unsubscribe button in small print underneath the email contents. It will read as “Unsubscribe from Undergraduate Admissions.” If it’s text messages that are getting through to you, simply block the number. Pertaining to the mailing portion, you can typically opt out from future mailings also at the bottom of the college’s email or on their website. L’s down.

How do I tell my friend I want to hang out more?

You can start by reassuring them you enjoy their company and often have fun in their presence. Starting small like inviting them to a sports game or public even is a great way to build some comfort. If that box has already been checked off you can introduce the idea of going to see a movie or another more one on one activity that gauges their interests. 

If your issue is that they seem to blow you off or act uninterested when you initiate plans, being straightforward goes a long way. Phrase it in a way that isn’t accusatory or targeting. For example, “I know you have been busy lately, but I want to hang out soon. Is there a certain day that works best for you that we can grab something to eat and catch up?” Remember that confidence is key!

I love my job but would be interested in developing an additional passion. What would you recommend? 

If you consider yourself to be creative and/or artsy, I suggest activities like crocheting, jewelry making, quilting, upcycling, refurbishing, or DIYs. A plethora of how-to videos can be found on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook groups, etc. There are also classes at the Hardin County Library, Regina’s Art Studio, or Michael’s. 

How do I deal with stress and how do I talk about it?

Stress is something everyone deals with, but it may be troubling to deal with stress. Whether the stress be from school or from work, your best option is to always prioritize yourself. Your mental health is more important than your school work or your job. Take some time to enjoy a hobby or take a walk. Everyone needs a breather from their stress. 

As to how to talk about your stress, that can be tricky. Stress can very easily take over your life and it can make it hard to reach out for help when you need it. Before your stress gets to that point, I recommend talking to a trusted adult, such as your teachers or parents, to help you relieve that stress and get it off your chest. 

How do I keep my friends from moving?

Learning that a friend or loved one is moving away is some of the hardest news to receive. It can bring up an immense amount of stress, worry, sadness, or even anger, which are all completely natural. You need to allow yourself to feel and process these emotions, for the reality is, you cannot keep your friends from moving. 

As someone’s friend, you are not a member of their family and therefore, cannot make the decisions on their personal matters or location changes. You cannot change someone else’s family, and you should not try to interfere with the way they do things; that is disrespectful. However, you can offer comfort and support to the friend who is going through the move. If you are upset over it, you can only imagine how they may be feeling being the one who is planning to relocate. Life will always have its ups and downs that can affect all parties involved, but the journey through will be much easier if you allow yourself to grieve and prioritize communication.

How do I get into the “cool kid club”? Please let me know, I’m SAD.

Being a part of the “cool kid club” is more a mindset than anything else. If you already have a group of peers you connect with, try participating in activities with those individuals to grow your bond. I have found that the friend groups who are oftentimes referred to as “cool” have simply been close for a long time. They have established deep friendships and a trustworthy bond between them. So, the key to being a part of the “cool kid club” is as easy as seeking new friendships or prioritizing the ones you already have. In regards to your sadness, there are always teachers, staff, and administrators willing to talk. The Bruin community is here for you, and if talking is not what sounds useful, there are a vast array of clubs and organizations open for you to join to open up new outlets of community. 

How do you make decent friends?

A good friend will hold good intentions towards you and your well being. Pay close attention to how the people you surround yourself with make you feel. Know that you can set boundaries and hold to them. Don’t stick around people who make you feel bad about yourself and cross your boundaries. Also, keep in mind you attract what you give off. As cliche as it sounds, treat other the way you want to be treated. Refer to the “I just moved here, how do you suggest I move on from my old friends and make new ones?” question for how to put yourself out there to form new relationships.

How do you invest in something?

First of all, take the intiative to learn the ins and outs of the stock market. A custodial account is a common option for teens looking to invest. As a minor, your account would have to be set up and under the supervision of a parent and/or adult. Tell your parent/guardian this is something you are interested in and/or passionate about to discuss your options. You can also refer to our business pathway teachers for more information, and if possible, sign up for a money skills class. 

I sleep with LED lights on and my friends bully me. How should I confront them about it?

If your friends are passing judgment on your sleeping habits, it’s likely because they don’t think it’s the most comfortable way to hit the hay. It’s common to sleep with no lights on and that’s how many people find their peace at night; however, it’s okay if that’s not how you like to fall asleep.  Express to your friends that sleeping with LED lights is the best way for you to fall asleep and they shouldn’t be concerned about your quality of sleep. At the end of the day, do what makes you comfortable and what helps you to catch the most zzz’s. 

Why aren’t their walls in between the urinals?

Walls used to exist in the boys’ bathroom in between the urinals, assistant principal Dan Corley revealed. However, there was continuous disrespect to the property and inappropriate behavior in the bathroom, so the walls either had to be removed or were not replaced after being destroyed.  It’s unclear if there will be walls in between urinals after the renovation to the school, but if you wish to advocate for privacy, encourage your peers to treat the property with respect so that you never have to mourn the removal of the walls ever again. 

Is Nicki Minaj the queen of rap?

Yes. However, Megan, Doja, and Cardi all follow close behind.