Be Better

A PSA of the Disrespect Here at Central Hardin


Ella Whitmire disrespecting Ms.Pinto.

Alesis Ruley, Staff Writer

Whenever I hear a student complaining about having to do any small task or assignment, I literally want to rip my eardrums out so I no longer have to listen to the trash that is being projected out of their mouth.

I think most teachers can agree that although they love their jobs and students, these bunch of children can make them question the good of humanity itself.

Don’t be those children.

Students these days make sure to make it potent and clear to the CHHS staff that they do not respect them at all. Lots of these students try to use the excuse “well if a teacher does not respect me, why should I respect them?”

The last time I checked, a teacher asking you to learn something is not disrespectful. It’s almost like that’s the reason you’re here. 

I understand that the work can be boring, and seem completely useless.

But it is not like the kids who respect their teachers, are in the back throwing an absolute rager because they have to do their algebra problems. 

On top of that, all the kids who respect their teachers, are really tired of certain people acting like such imbeciles.

If you all haven’t been aware, in most recent weeks of school, PowerHour has been taken away from us on certain days of the week. 

Why do you think that is?

As a student who is extremely fed up with the lack of common sense among other students, I’ll be kind enough to tell you.

It is because students literally cannot handle the very simple freedom that power hour brings. 

If you have eyes, I know you have noticed how much trash is in the hallways and on the tables in the cafeteria. And if you have not noticed, I know you are the one doing it. 

I know the people doing this are not stupid, and I know that it is not hard to pick up your trash. So just do it. If you are among the individuals who think that this is funny to do so, you and your group of friends at the table are the only ones who find comedy in acting like you are seven years old. 

You are a really big reason why we have lost certain days of PowerHour, so please stop.

People not picking up their own trash is not the stand alone reason why we do not have power hour all week long. 

Students also do not know how to use their time during this “free” hour of school.

If you need to go make up something with a teacher, please just stop acting like you’re cooler than everyone else and go do it. I know it takes away from the time you vape and smoke weed in the bathroom, but your dying lungs can wait.

Now we do have an upcoming article about power hour etiquette being written by our lovely staff member, Lilly Keith, so I will stop here with all of the power hour disruptions I notice. 

One last issue I would like to address on behalf of the responsible students here, is some of the bullying we see here at school.

Usually when these people have a problem with someone else at school, it’s almost never something they did, and almost always them just being hateful for absolutely no reason. 

I feel like I should not have to say this because all of us are 14 years and older, but apparently it is necessary. If you do not agree with the way another individual lives their life, you need to stop screaming and yelling at this individual, and posting things on social media about it. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you would take that much time out of your day to be negative. 

If you actually do have “beef” with someone in the school for a legit and personal reason, you need to literally move on with your life and stop acting like in three months you’re not going to forget about it. This is just high school, and I’m sure you’ll go on to bigger things.

With all that entailed, we together as a student body should respect each other and our teachers. The least you can do is give someone your respect when they have done absolutely nothing to not deserve it. It would make your life a lot easier, and take a lot of weight off your shoulders to not be so negative.