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Alesis Ruley

Alesis Ruley, Writer, News Section Editor

Hi guys! I’m Alesis Ruley, a junior here at Central. This is my second year being a part of The Central Times staff.

Being on this paper for the last year has made me gain such a different perspective on writing and the world.

Before the paper, I had just really written for stress relief and about my own life. I have journals I’ve kept throughout the years of my life, and I would just write about the kind of day that I had.

Writing for the paper though, I feel like I can write about topics that are critical in today’s society and important to people around school and the community. This year, I want to hit on more hard hitting, controversial topics like politics/government and issues students and staff could have with the school.

I have also learned how important journalistic writing is. People need a reliable source for information that they can go to, whether it be for who’s ahead in a presidential election, or how the weather is going to be that day.

Most importantly, I want to write for and about you. This is first and foremost a student publication, and your opinions on what all of us on the staff should write about are extremely important.

I would love to share my writing with you all this year, but I would also love to share other aspects about myself with you.

I love music, reading, tea, and I am also a huge fan of Vogue Magazine! I would also love to write some articles on these topics this year.

Please feel free to send me an email about anything you would like me to write, or talk to you about, and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

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Alesis Ruley