To Crush or to Be Crushed


Eli Thompson

Seniors Micah Brown and Kylie Marcum demonstrate having a crush. Although these actors are so good their emotions seem real, these actors have no interest in each other.

Eli Thompson and Hannah Martin

Urban Dictionary defines a crush as “a secret burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.” 

With that being said, a crush can make you express a crazy mix of emotions, there is a frequent feeling of giddiness, happiness, sometimes surprising, and often unsettling. 

A lot of people typically feel the same when they have a crush, it’s almost like you feel hopeless when the feelings consume you, but at the same time, you try your best to be around this person as much as you can. We think most people would agree talking to or being around your crush can be difficult because you don’t know how to act like you usually would. 

Although you may not feel normal while having a crush, it’s important you don’t change your personality or adjust who you are just for them to like you back. You are worth more than your feelings for someone else, and you always come first. 

You don’t have to act on anything unless you want to, don’t put pressure on yourself to pursue these feelings just because you have them. Acting on your crush depends on your current situation. 

What if you don’t want to have a crush at all? Well, I think it’s important for you to cut yourself some slack, you’re human. You can’t necessarily help how you feel or when you feel these things. Having feelings for someone is not the end of the world.

Not every crush is one-sided. There are many instances where someone has a crush on you or the feelings are mutual. If someone is curious or skeptical about someone having a crush on them, there are many ways to find this out. 

When someone likes you, you will first notice a change of behavior. They will act normal around everyone except you. There are two kinds of behavior change that are most common. 

The first way is super nice. You’ll notice that they go out of their way to make sure you’re okay. This doesn’t mean they do more for you, it means they give you more attention.

The caring aspect of flirting is also super physical, you will notice they like to touch your hand when they tell you something or they will hit your chest when you say something funny. 

Another way a person might try to be physical is to stay by your side in a group setting. They will always stay near you if someone tries to break you up, you’ll notice they won’t say they want to be beside you but they will make it known they would like to be beside you.

The second way is more laid back and not having a caring attitude. With this way of flirting, they may seem rude at times but this is normal. 

They want you to think they don’t care because if they show they care, they think you might not like them back because you’re too easy to get. It is a very teenager thing to do but it happens so often. 

Toxic behavior is what some people find attractive because everyone wants what they don’t have or can’t have. 

When someone has a crush on you, you may notice little comments that can be rude while you’re laughing or having a good conversation because they don’t want to be vulnerable.  

They won’t be super nice to you but they will treat you differently, they will always have fun with you and they will avoid being there for you all the time but in a serious setting is when they come out of their shell and they will be there for you when it matters.

A crush is a difficult concept to understand because it changes from person to person. Everyone is different but that’s okay because that’s what makes a person unique.

As J. Cole once said, “don’t over think, just hope it’s right.”

You can only do so much but even if you give your everything, that doesn’t mean they will like you back. Put yourself out there but not so far that you can’t turn around and go back if it doesn’t work.

Just because someone likes you also doesn’t mean that you have to like them back. It’s okay because in the long run you’re protecting both of you. 

A crush is a feeling that is uncontrollable, but something everyone will go through. Don’t be afraid to go for it. Even if someone doesn’t initially like you, if you show them your intentions and show them you’ll give them what they deserve, they could easily start to reciprocate those feelings.

No matter if you’ve been in multiple relationships or you think you found love at first sight, protect your heart. We can only learn to love, by loving. 


Fun Ways to Tell Them:  

Cheesy pickup lines 

Arrange a playlist for them

Tell them with a meme

Text them “on accident”

Try to find ways to be physical in small ways


Crush Playlist:

Hannah’s songs:

One And Only – Adele

Paper Rings – Taylor

U Smile – Justin Bieber

Sparks – Coldplay


Close To You – Rihanna

Honesty – Pink Sweat$

Fool – Frankie Cosmos

ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? – Tyler, The Creator

You And Me – Lifehouse

Ruin My Life – Zara Larsson


Eli’s songs:

Dandelions – Ruth B

Ho Hey – Lumineers

Out of My League – Fitz and The Tantrums

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Until I found you – Stephen Sanchez

Its you – Ali Gatie

Tryna Be – Giveon

Another Heartbreak – Giveon

Get to you – Giveon

we fell in love in october – Girl in Red