Haun Retires After 16 Years at CHHS

Colonel Haun is Retiring after his Service to the Army and his Teaching Career in JROTC


Colonel Haun at Change in Command Ceremony

Alesis Ruley and Alayna Edblom

This school year, JROTC teacher Colonel Haun will be retiring, after 16 years of teaching here at Central Hardin.

He first started off his career by going to three different colleges to earn an  undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. His first two colleges were in Conneticut and Mississipi, but he then ended his schooling at Western Kentucky University.

Proceeding his schooling, he then joined the Army as a Lieutenant.

He has taught JROTC not just at Central, but at many other places as well.

He taught at Captain’s Course in Fort Leavenworth, as well as an ROTC program at the University of Lousiville. 

During his time teaching at Louisville, the position for a JROTC Colonel at Central opened, and he decided to apply for the job. 

Since then he has gained much experience in the teaching field, and would encourage younger educators to pursue their dreams. 

“The advice I wished I had is to make sure you are volunteering in classrooms of different ages so that when you come out with your degree, you kind of already have an idea if that’s what you want to do,” Haun said. 

The students here throughout the years have loved and appreciated the legacy that Colonel Haun will be leaving behind. 

Junior Olivia Johnston believes that his teachings have made JROTC program a success, and have helped her take those teachings with her in her future.

“I am sad to see him leave. He has been my leader for the past three years. The program will be very different without him,” Johnston said. 

Haun’s future plans after retirement include working on his parent’s farm, traveling to El Paso to see his grandson, reading and exercising more, as well as being more involved in his church.

The education pathway for him has been exciting and rewarding. Future JROTC teachers will be pleased to know the Colonel Haun was in the position before him.