Hey, Why Are We Not Using Lockers Anymore?


Madison Barger, Writer

In your average teen movie like Mean Girls, you might see students using lockers.


Some middle schoolers may say that they dream of using a locker when they get to high school to experience teen-like activities you see in the movies.


However, if you are new to Central and you’re ready to have that teenage experience, you might be shocked.


Most students at Central do not use lockers, instead they carry around their belongings.


But why do students carry around their belongings instead of putting them in their lockers like you would see in the movies?


“I can keep track of my work better,” sophomore Sean Dailey said. “Most of the time you can see that the hallways are extremely packed between classes.” 


This being said, most people do not usually stop in the halls, everyone is just constantly walking which makes getting to your locker a bit of a challenge.


If students crowding the halls makes it difficult to use a locker, how do the people that own a locker manage to use it at appropriate times?


“I try to use mine between classes, but it’s not that easy because of how packed the hallways are between classes,” sophomore Lexi Lanham said. 


But even if the hallways are not packed in some areas, why is it still a struggle for some students to get to their locker?


“You only have so much time because the school barely gives you any time to get to your locker and then get to class,” Lanham said. “ Also there are students who are constantly walking up and down the stairs like me each day.”


But this isn’t the case for senior Cailee Tucker as she got to choose where her locker was to make it easier to get to her locker.


“I chose the lockers near the old attendance office because it’s not that crowded there,” Tucker said. “All my classes are near my locker and then I eventually come to band at the last period of the day and it’s just on the way there.”


However, Tucker does agree that the main reason as to why people are not usually seen using their lockers is because of, once again, the crowded hallways.


“Most of the lockers are in the crowded hallways so that’s why I choose mine where it’s more secluded,” said Tucker.


As you can see in the hallways most people don’t use their lockers because of the hallways, so most people like to carry around their belongings, but this also does cause some little problems  for those students.


“It does get annoying and it hurts my back,”sophomore Celia Keith said. “It probably is easier to carry around your belongings, but it’s painful for real.”


Even so, we may agree that it’s not easy to get to your locker. Some of us may wonder, will lockers come back again to make their appearance, or will lockers not being used become normalized at Central?