Who Put Who on the Map: Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce?

In a recent Central Times poll, we found out just what the student body thinks about the new relationship of popstar Taylor Swift and professional football player Travis Kelce.
A Poster Mrs.Hundley made for the Decor of the Library.
A Poster Mrs.Hundley made for the Decor of the Library.
Syra Lundergan

In a recent Central Times poll, we found out just what the student body thinks about the new relationship of popstar Taylor Swift and professional football player Travis Kelce.

For context, on July 8 Kelce went to the Eras Tour Concert. In an interview shortly after, he revealed how he made a friendship bracelet for Swift with his number on it but couldn’t give it to her. Soon after on Oct. 1, Swift was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game where Kelce plays as a tight end for the Chiefs. They have been caught together quite a bit since then, once even being spotted driving away in a getaway car.

“All I care is that Kelce scores touchdowns for my fantasy league team.”

— history teacher James Sisk

When polled, only 39% of participants “ship” Swift and Kelce. For all the adults out there, according to Wikipedia “shipping” was a term created in the 1990s on X-Files. Wikipedia states that “a ‘ship’ is the concept of a fictional couple; to ‘ship’ a couple means to have an affinity for it in one way or another; a ‘shipper’ or a ‘fangirl/boy’ is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity; and a ‘shipping war’ is when two ships contradict each other, causing fans of each ship to argue. A ship that a particular fan prefers over all others is called an OTP, which stands for one true pairing.”

“It’s not that I don’t want them together, I’m just not a fan of people’s personal lives being blasted on every media outlet,” Civics and Economics teacher Isaac Vanmeter said. “If they date, cool. If they don’t date, that’s fine too. I honestly think their relationship might be genuine but the NFL is using it to increase views and merchandise sales. Travis Kelce is a Hall of Fame tight end and a great guy, not just some guy that Taylor Swift is seeing. I think a lot of people just associate him with that instead of the phenomenal athlete that he is”

On the other end of the spectrum, this rising relationship has hardcore fans as well.

“I think if it is real it is going to bring two different fan bases together.”

— senior Annalynn Hayes

“I love that T [Swift] is with a more grounded man! He has done the “chasing” and he openly expresses his understanding that she is THE Taylor Swift, and the impact of what that name means,” English teacher Rachel Pelston said. “I think that is what I think us ‘Swifties’ have been waiting for in terms of her relationships. He knew what he wanted and he went for it! Love that for both of them!! Also, can we all just agree that the latest papi video of them, where he went around their SUV and asked the bodyguard to move so HE could OPEN THE DOOR FOR HER and ESCORT her out?!? Such a classy move. Plus, with all the coverage, who is really upset about seeing more of Travis Kelce??”

There were also a few more practical and in-depth responses.

“I believe they would honestly be a great couple. Kelce in the past has explained how he was attracted to confident and powerful women but it would casue problems in their relationship. However, I think Taylor would be an amazing fit as  she is confident and powerful but not in an arrogant manor where it could destriment the relationship,” senior Clifton   Beesley. “Taylor on the other hand has had a past of dating actors. In my opinion I think they might’ve been too out of touch as she dated super stars like Harry Styles and Taylor Lautner but Kelce seems like a more down-to-earth indivdual which is what Taylor needs. As she’s going places I think she needs someone who can ground her properly. “

“I love it! It is sweet and romantic, like a fairy tale! <3 Mama Kelce raised her boys to be gentlemen. Taylor Swift is adorable and needs a good man. I am a Swiftie mom! “

— freshman counselor Angie Davis

 The other responses range on the spectrum between these two responses. We had many in support of the relationship, others who had a very neutral take on the relationship, and some who were highly against the relationship.

When it comes to Central, it looks like Swift put Kelce on the map. When asked whether they knew of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, neither, or both, 46.3% of the student body knew Taylor Swift first. 63.4% said they know the overview of the Swift, Kelce lore. When asked if they think it’s true love, a stunt, or they just don’t care? The answers were all pretty even across the board, equaling 34.1%, 28.6%, and 39% as the question follows.

If you weren’t able to complete the opinion poll and would like to share your opinion on the relationship please leave a comment!

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