Why should you volunteer?


Members of CHHS’s Executive Council pose for a picture. Service-oriented clubs like Executive Council, Beta Club, and Y-Club are a great way for students to get involved in their community.

Tatum Cox

Our community only works when people are willing to come together for the common good. Many people who face adversity are unable to get back on their feet without a helping hand. There is a lot of good happening in our community, but volunteer programs lack student representation.


Many students do not choose to be active members of their community. Volunteering takes time, and it does not give monetary credit to students, so they choose not to take part. Without a drive to get involved, students are more prone to struggle in life. Research shows that low involvement in your community leads to low-motivation and a self-focused mindset. Students have trouble finding a sense of self-identity and tend to lose focus. Not to mention, low volunteer activity decreases a student’s chance of getting accepted for college, job positions, and scholarships/grants. In addition, low volunteer-activity creates a less efficient community as a whole.


There is no doubt that volunteering is a positive thing. The impact speaks for itself, but you may ask, “What’s in it for me?” When a person chooses to put forth their time and effort for someone/something else, it brings them one step closer to finding their identity and developing into a person of growth and meaning. According to studies by the Corporation for National and Community Service, People who volunteer are less likely to experience depression, and more likely to excel in their environments and motivate others to live well.


Many students do not have time for volunteer duties because they already have a strenuous schedule as it is. From school work to jobs to extracurriculars, sometimes volunteering is just not an option. However, if there is a slot in your weekly schedule, many programs are willing to work around students’ busy schedules because they want all the help they can get. Local organizations such as Feeding America do not require that their volunteers commit to a set schedule; instead, they will gladly take walk-ins or one-time-only sign-ups. Visit their website to see how you can sign up!


Whether you’re someone who enjoys one-on-one attention with people, or you’re more for the behind-the-scenes vibe, our community has something for everyone. For example, Mission Hope for Kids is a local organization that impacts the lives of need-based students in Hardin County. They provide educational enrichment and mentor programs for elementary students and give support to children and families throughout all 12-13 years of school. MHFK has a wide array of volunteer positions and depends on its volunteers to run smoothly. You can also visit their website to see the many ways you can get involved.


Many people do not think to volunteer because they are not sure where to start. Finding service opportunities can be as easy as checking in with local schools and churches, or researching online. Our community has a wide array of organizations and events that depend on volunteer service. Volunteer-opportunity websites such as VolunteerMatch give a great list of opportunities right here in town. Elizabethtown’s official website (elizabethtownky.org) even offers a volunteer form for hopeful applicants. No matter what skills you possess or how much time you have, you can be sure to find a service project suited for you.