Student Health Council


Kenzie Stambaugh

You may have seen flyers around the school. These flyers advertise for the Student Health Council. According to the flyer, The Student Health Council’s goal is to “provide a safe space to have open conversations about mental health, self-care, coping skills, and resources.”  I’ve never seen something so perfectly conducted for mental health. I sat down for an interview with Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Chaney. Here’s what you need to know.

The room is comforting and cozy. A perfect student atmosphere for addressing mental health. In a meeting with Mr. Issacs, It was taken into account that students who didn’t struggle with mental health now struggle with it. With the covid shutdown, issues with isolation, being pulled in and out of school, the grief of lost family members, etc, student mental health issues are rising. But don’t worry, the Student Health Council is ready to end the stigma. 

“We want this council to be entirely student-led, students hear everything and know what’s going on around the school,” said Chaney.

“Maybe having students lead it, there would be more interest, and recognition amongst the student body,” said Mrs. Sanders. 

The council will consist of a positive environment for students to discuss mental health and self-care, organize activities, and positive coping skill resources, along with occasional guest speakers. The Youth service center wants to allow our students to make the change we want to see. 

“We want to note that this cannot be a therapy session. When we meet as a group there are confidentiality rules,” Chaney said. Acceptance to the Student Health Council is on an interview basis. If you would like to join, please consider picking up an application in room 401 and turn them into the Youth Service Center by October 29th. Chaney and Sanders stated with the application process, it helps them know who the students are and how they plan to make a difference within the student body. It is important they have students that have intentions and are ready for action when it comes to student mental health and ending the stigma. 

The Student Health Council will meet in room 401, the Youth Services Center, during FLEX time, currently once a month.  

“We hope soon enough this can be more often as a lot can happen in one month’s time” Sanders and Chaney commented. 

If you’re interested in becoming a student creating change, consider joining the Student Mental Health Council. We as the student body support each other and are ready to make the change we know we are capable of.