Teens Are Speaking Up, and the World Should Listen


For many of us high schoolers, the year 2020 is the first time that we are old enough to really understand and form our own opinions on social and political issues. 


Just this year it has been easy to see from anyone watching how our generation has been paying attention to events like the Coronavirus Pandemic, 2020 Election, and the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Our generation has been raised on the internet and unlike others, many of us have used social media as a platform to share our lives and opinions. 


However, this year more than ever it seems people our age are using their access to social media to share more serious information than a casual selfie or a picture with some friends. 


While our peers have been sharing their opinions on political and social issues, one strange opinion stands out from the rest.  


“High schoolers shouldn’t care about these things because they are too young to vote.”


Why does age matter in having an opinion on the future of our country or even our world?


The short answer is, your age doesn’t have anything to do with forming an opinion on political and social issues. 


This opinion is being widely spread, not because people think we are too young, but more because they are tired of seeing young children post or share their opinions on the internet. 


It is true that most high schoolers did not get to vote in the 2020 election. However, there is a reason we have the freedom of speech, protest, and assembly in this country. 


Young people have been using their rights to make change for generations. Just because we are dealing with different issues does not mean that our generation should stop the cycle. 


Just this year I have seen many of my peers take part in protests such as the Black Lives Matter movement, work for political campaigns, and work the polls for elections. 


There is a reason these things are available for even minors to take part in. 


It is because we are the next, upcoming generation. If we don’t start to learn about the current state of our world, how will we even care about it in the future? 


We have this moment and we should take it.