The Latest Fashion Trends at Central Hardin

Preslee Decker, Staff Writer

At Central Hardin High School, we have so many small trends that travel around daily, monthly, and even yearly. Below are some of the “fads” I have noticed while attending classes here. Please comment below if you have any other ideas or critiques!

For the past year or so, claw clip hairstyles have been a functional and very common way for girls to put up their hair. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest.)

Birkenstock clogs have been a major addition to teen wardrobes in the past month and they continue to thrive due to their comfort. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Overalls and jumpsuits have been a newer addition to fall outfits; they are easy to dress up or even dress down. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Vibrant and patterned sweaters were popular last fall, and after the beginning of fall yesterday, these sweaters will most likely become a trend again. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Wearing several rings has become a widely-known trend in high school and outside of high school. Wearing gold and even mix-and-matching silver and gold jewelry has became a new craze. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Almost every female student in CHHS owns a pair of flare leggings. They are super comfortable to wear with sweatshirts, sweaters, and other comfortable pieces of clothing. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Bubble braid hairstyles have became a popular occurrence to see on girls of every age. They are super easy to do and they look cute with anything you happen to be wearing. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Platform Converse of all colors and sizes have appeared in our hallways here at Central. They’re super versatile with all different outfits and give those who have a height disadvantage a chance to look a little taller than normal. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Band T-Shirts of all different bands have spread across the nation; from The Beatles to Kiss to even Whitney Houston. Both teenage boys and girls wear these shirts around the school setting. This trend is here to stay; or at least for a little while longer. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).

Last, but not least, mini hoop earrings have become a common accessory to outfits around CHHS. Whether they have a gold or silver finish, mini and even large hoop earrings are popular among ages from middle school and older. (Picture Courtesy of Pinterest).