Special Seniors

Do you know someone with a secret talent or hobby? Here is what our seniors said about their talented classmates:


Tatum Cox

“Tristin Edblom: One of the greatest electric guitarists I’ve ever seen, truly a genius.”~Austin Barr

“Tatum Cox can put two large Papa John’s slices of pizza in her mouth and have enough extra room to talk and understand her.”~Carolee Coleman

“Maddie Andretta is a black belt in tae kwon do. Allie Simpson can fart on command.”~Tatum Cox

“Benjamin Gardner can break dance please embarrass him he thinks he’s cool.”~Sophia Torres

“Peyton Beger can fit a whole can in her mouth.”~Jordan Isom

“Masiya Smith can SING.”~Acacia Leisam

“Emma Schall. She can sing so good!! but she’s shy and won’t ever sing for anyone. :/”~Ella Lewis

“Zoë McGowan is a heck of a cook.”~Hannah Wilson