A Definitive Ranking of the Gilmore Girls Characters


Maggie Phelps, Writer

I have been a connoisseur of Gilmore Girls for the past six years.  I have rewatched the show a total of 11 times and counting.  I have lived and breathed Gilmore Girls since I was in sixth grade, it’s almost as if I’m a Stars Hollow native. Due to my extensive qualifications in the world of Gilmore Girls, I have decided to take on the weight of ranking all of the main characters.  This list is completely definitive and you cannot debate with it. 


  1. Lorelai – Lorelai is the most superior character of the whole show.  Without Lorelai, the show would not exist.  I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this character and many accusations have been made against her such as her being “arrogant” or “demanding.”  I have to disagree with these claims.  Despite Lorelai coming from a privileged background, she left it all behind at the age of 16, something many wouldn’t have the confidence to do.  Everything Lorelai has in her adulthood she has worked tirelessly to earn, and she is proud of all her accomplishments.  Lorelai is someone everyone should look up to. 
  2. Kirk – Kirk is the backbone of the show.  Without Kirk, the show would be missing a crucial element.  Kirk has not only worked every single job in the town of Stars Hollow, he is also a comedy genius.  I have never been more fascinated by a character in my life as I am with Kirk.  Kirk is everything I’ve ever wanted to be and more.
  3. Rory – Rory is everything.  Her determination and perseverance goes unmatched as she overcomes different hardships in her life such as entering in and out of relationships, working her way through college, and making mature decisions along the way.  I’ve heard lots of discourse about Rory in my life and this is my rebuttal: everything Rory has done has made complete sense for the age she was when the action occurred.  I am proud of the character growth and development that Rory has had throughout the duration of the show. 
  4. Paris – Without a doubt, Paris has had the most character development throughout the show, which is why I rank her so highly. I value Paris’ determination and her drive to want to do better in life.  She is a great friend to Rory, and we all know that deep down in her heart, she values her relationships and experiences with the people around her so highly.
  5. Sookie – Sookie is just a bundle of joy.  She is the friend that Lorelai always needed.  Sookie’s creativity and love for people is what makes her such a worth-while character.  Sometimes I find her character to be overwhelming due to the amount of energy that she has, but at the end of the day she is down to Earth and an amazing person. 
  6. Emily and Richard – I believe that Emily and Richard are one entity, which is why I have conjoined them together in this ranking. Emily and Richard do have some character flaws.  They tend to be a little controlling, overwhelming, and overactive.  However, I feel like their actions always stem out of the kindness of their hearts and they always believe that what they do is right, even if it is masked by some flaws. 
  7. Luke – Luke was always meant to be the person for Lorelai.  They are two halves that make up the perfect whole.  I find Luke to be enjoyable in most senses.  He is very loving and compassionate to those around him, and he really cares about the relationships that he makes with people.  He can be a little short sometimes. though, which is why he falls at this rank.
  8. Logan – I will forever and always be Team Logan when it comes to which man was the best boyfriend to Rory. Logan is everything that Rory needed in a significant other at that stage of her life.  Logan’s determination and willingness to become a relationship man for Rory says much about his character and the lengths he would go to for her.  Whenever Logan and Rory would have a disagreement or Logan would want to do something that Rory didn’t fully support, he always made it clear to her that she was not binded to him and she did not have to go with him, which I find very respectable. 
  9. Lane – Some may be surprised that Lane has ranked this lowly, however I find this completely justifiable.  Lane had a tendency to get jealous and over possessive when it came to her friendship with Rory.  Lane remained mainly stagnant in terms of personality throughout the whole show which lands her here.  I do commend her for her breaking out of her shell when she entered adulthood and defying the standards her mother set for her. Well done, Lane!
  10. Jackson – I don’t think there is one person more perfect for Sookie than Jackson.  Jackson shares the same quirkiness as Sookie, making them perfect partners.  However, I do believe that Jackson can be controlling, especially when it comes to wanting to start a family with Sookie and dictating the amount of kids they would have.  Not cool. 
  11. Dean – I will defend Season One Dean with every fiber of my being.  In the earlier seasons, Dean was doing everything right.  He was wholesome and a joy to watch.  As the show progressed we were revealed his more drastic side which completely jeopardized his relationship with Rory.  At the end of the day, Dean is a deeply hurt and troubled guy because of his experiences in life and that causes him to act the way he does in the later seasons, but that does not completely defend his actions.  He also serves little purpose. 
  12. Jess – If you believe that Jess is the superior boyfriend in Rory’s life, allow me to be the one that tells you that you’re wrong.  Jess is nothing but toxic.  He constantly left Rory in the dust, and he has almost zero redeemable qualities.  I would like to stay as far away from Jess as possible. 
  13. Chris – Coming in last place is Chris and for obvious reasons.  He was never the man he promised he would be and was constantly falling short and causing more pain and harm to both Lorelai and Rory than needed.  He always emotionally manipulated Lorelai and believed that he was deserving of something when in reality he is not.  I have no tolerance for Chris. 

This concluded my highly accurate and completely definitive ranking of the Gilmore Girls characters.  As previously mentioned, his list is not up for debate as it is coming from the most qualified Gilmore Girls enthusiast in the world.