Azra Emeksiz

As Central Hardin Newspaper staff, we wondered what our students were listening to during the  2022-2023 school year and decided to make a playlist reflecting the music taste of our students. We ran around and asked random people what they were listening to this year and why they chose the song they chose. 


A sophomore, Ace Jaggers, said “The Jungle” by Drake. As we approached the “Why?” question to him he said that “This song is one of the top three Drake songs.” 


Chad Frederick, a sophomore, chose the song “Eminem-Lose Yourself.” She said, “This song is still so catchy after all these years.”


A junior, Kylie Marcum said, “‘Cleopatra’” by The Lumineers. It is a vibe song, very calming, you can sing along to it.” She added,  “It is good for everything.” Her best friend, junior Bailey Royalty said, “‘The Unknown’ by Peach Tinted. It is just a really vibey song.” 


“That song is from my playlist, but she stole it,” Marcum added.


We believe that sharing is caring. Also, we are trying to get as much as diversity as we can on our playlist, so if you have any song recommendations that you would like to add,please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]