Central Hardin Sponsors Event For Pediatric Cancer

Damian Walk, Staff Writer

Are you interested in raising money for a good cause? Central Hardin is doing an event on Sept. 20 called raiseRed to raise money to go towards pediatric cancer research.

Students can raise money up to the day of the event, which begins at 12:00 p.m. Those who raise at least $30 will be called down to the gym to participate in the event until 8:00 p.m. and also receive a t-shirt. The community will be allowed to attend the event starting at 4:00.

Principal Tim Isaacs is allowing students to be excused from 4th and 5th blocks for the event.

“It’s important to give back to the community in order to be successful,” Isaacs said, explaining the importance of student involvement.

Senior Isabelle Hobbs, student coordinator of the event, brought the idea to Central after participating in a similar event called DanceBlue at E-town High when she was a freshman and sophomore.

It was something that I was really passionate about and then one of my close family friends died of cancer at age 26 and that hit me super hard, and it really made me realize life is super precious and that we should do everything we can to fight for kids’ lives.

— Isabelle Hobbs

Hobbs is very passionate about the event and approached English teacher Angela Cannon about her idea in May.

“So when I got the opportunity, it was kinda just like let’s go full steam ahead and if nobody stops us so why not try?” Hobbs said.“Plus its my senior year and I wanted to do something big.”

Cannon decided to help because of Hobbs’s passion and diligence.

“I just want to help her succeed because she’s going to succeed and I want to be part of her life, whatever that means,  so when she brought that to me I wanted to support her in every way. Now it has become more.  It has become more important to me personally, but at first it was just because I care about Isabelle,” Cannon said.

Hobbs has also described trying to coordinate everything as extremely stressful because it is different at Central than it was at Elizabethtown High. There, Hobbs had people telling her to go do things instead of trying to figure out what all needed to be done.

“So it’s challenging and then I’m also taking some more difficult classes this year. So that’s been tough and then being gone at GSP all summer made it tough because I couldn’t work on this and that’s definitely been a challenge. But I’ve had a lot of support from Mrs. Cannon and Ms. Sherrard and then all of the other students I’m working with,” Hobbs explained.

Cannon agrees that taking on an event this big can be stressful at times.

“It’s very stressful, overwhelming at times, but very positive,” she said. “Everyone I’ve talked to is supportive and says: “How can I help?”; “What can I do?”; “I want to be a part of this.” and so it’s been positive. I just would like for it to go so well. It makes me stressed because I want it to go so well.”

Hobbs has a particular message for kids who may not have experience with facing cancer in any way. She encourages students of all backgrounds to get involved.

“One, it’s super fun. I haven’t met anyone who said they regret doing it -it’s like straight dancing – it’s good music to dance to – you get to spend time with your friends. Number two, you get out of school, so that awesome. Three, it’s for a great cause so even if you don’t know somebody affected by cancer I don’t know how you could have a heart if you hear about a two year old dying of cancer [and don’t want to do something].”

Although the group won’t know prospective numbers until  the participants’ paperwork is turned in on Sept. 10, Cannon is optimistic about the turnout.

“I kinda think it’s going to be a big deal. It seems just from preliminary reports that we’re going to have good turnout.”

If you are interested in participating in this event, pick up a donation form and permission slip from Angela Cannon in Room 105, Susan Sherrard in Room 112, or Kayla Ernst in Room 100.